People hate sites that don't work on mobiles

mobile apps Two thirds of UK adults are literally tearing their hair out when they visit websites that aren't optimised for mobile.

This is according to a new study from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) and our old friends Kantar Media, who surveyed 2000 smartphone users, from the age of 16-70.

They reckon 69% of adults just throw their hands up in the air at such inconveniences

It found that over half (52%) of respondents had visited a non-mobile optimised site in the last month, with 69% of them describing the experience as “frustrating”.

The study shows that smartphones are quite the thing right now, as regards the online shopping solution, with 47% of people using them for researching products and services, and 50% making a purchase on a monthly basis.

TV was the biggest traditional media trigger for this behaviour, driving 43% of respondents to look up more information on either their smartphone or tablet after having seen it on TV, with newspapers being the old school method, with 28% and outdoor ads coming in at 25%.

IAB’s senior research manager Hannah Bewley said: “The fact that 59% of smartphone owners had been prompted by traditional media in the last four weeks to look for more information on products shows that mobile is the glue that holds other media together.

“The study emphasised the importance of optimising sites so that consumers are able to browse your site, research your product and transact on the move. With 73% not looking for an alternative device if they reach a non-optimised site, brands without a mobile strategy are risking losing customers.”



  • Alexis
    The whole selling point of the original iPhone was that you could surf the web exactly the same as on a computer and it looked just the same. I hate mobile 'optimised' sites. They were supposed to have been left in the past when WAP phones existed.
  • Alexis-Ripper
    Alexis you clearly know nothing...It's all about customers journeys tailored to what device they're on.

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