Paypal beats Apple in 'most trusted' contest

GfK NOP, one of paypalthose survey types, have just released the results of a survey into online and mobile payments. The results show that Paypal  is the brand consumers most trust with their personal financial data when it comes to making payments with their mobile phones, owing to the high levels of trust and consideration cited by consumers in nine countries.

Paypal's success is largely thanks to its existing remote mobile payment services and GfK NOP suggest that this familiarity means that the company will enjoy lower barriers in the switch to contactless mobile payments using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology than normal mobile network operators.

GfK NOP also believe that second place trusted Apple, thanks to its iPhone and iTunes customer bases will also find the contactless payment market easier to break.

The arrival of NFC has been delayed, but consumers are still hopeful of an appearance sometime soon. And then, says GfK NOP, the battle for comsumers will begin. Which can only be a good thing.

The key points from the research found that:

Globally, 62% of consumers find mobile payments appealing. This is higher among certain key groups, including younger consumers aged 16-24 (75%); innovators/early adopters (74%); and current smartphone owners (72%).

There is also considerable variation between nations. Developing markets in China (82%) and Brazil (73%) find mobile payment services the most appealing, whereas the more established payment systems in developed markets, like the US and Europe, mean appeal in these nations is more limited (around 50%).

Across the board, security concerns were the key barrier to greater appeal of NFC payments services. Financial institutions had the greatest level of trust in processing these payments, with mobile and telecommunication brands having significantly lower trust. Within these brands, mobile network carriers have the highest levels of trust, consideration and preference, although they still lag behind financial brands

So who would you choose to be your preferred NFC provider of choice? Do you trust PayPal or Apple? Would you trust, say T-Mobile...


  • Alexis
    Eh? I wouldn't trust PayPal one iota. They're the worse company I've ever had to deal with. They hide in their castle in Luxembourg so that they aren't answerable to anybody ie. the EU or the FSA. I only use them because there's no alternative to ebay. I really wish Google would set up an auction site with Google checkout instead.
  • Sawyer
    Totally agree with Alexis. Had trouble with Paypal in the past, won't use them (or ebay) again. Not sure who the alternatives are in the survey though? And to be honest I don't care about making payments with my phone anyway.
  • Paddy
    I won't touch Paypal with a bargepole-shockingly bad customer experience. I really don't give two flying monkeys about NFC payments-I'll carry on using cash or my debit card.
  • Sam
    Were these the only two companies in the survey? That's the only way I can see these results coming out...
  • Grassy T.
    NFC seems to be to the payments industry as 3D is to the technology/movie industry, its a one-sided desire. Anyway, can anyone tell me what happens if you have 3 NFC cards in your wallet and wave the whole wallet over the magic NFC payment doobrie?
  • Brad
    WHAT!? but seriously, what? this is serious... They must have done this survey in the PayPal offices.
  • tin
    No fucking way in a million million years. Paypal are a bunch of robbing motherfuckers with the most dumbass low-paid couldn't-care-less cut-n-paste-your-response droids manning the "support" desks. I use them all the time because of how intertwined with ebay they are - but trust them? Never. I'm prepared to treat the next loss that they won't give a shit about as if I've been mugged in the street.
  • Boris
    Greetings fellow Walletteers! I light of your mistrust of PayPal I have set up my alternative "PayMates". In any transaction you can simply send me the money (cash preferred) while the seller sends me the goods. I'll check them both and then post them to you swiftly for a 1p fee! Send cash or goods to: Boris c/o BitterWallett Towers Misrata Lybia FF1
  • free v.
    I appreciate, cause I found exactly what I was taking a look for. You have ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

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