Payment by mobile phone to be introduced by high street chain

Remember when you used to pay for shopping with coins and paper? I know, completely bonkers.  But even swiping the plastic became a thing of the past, and soon we may say goodbye to the debit card altogether. Pret A Manger are the latest chain to announce they'll start accepting wireless payments by mobile.

The somewhat over-priced purveyors of sandwiches and salads aims to install Near-Field Communications (NFC) equipment - the technology behind wireless payments – in 171 of its UK outlets in 2009. It follows a successful trial at seven of its stores earlier in the year.

According to Electric Pig, the main driving force for this development comes from Barclaycard and Commidea - the company pioneering the  NFC technology. They claim that the chain’s wireless installation will “dramatically reduce queuing times” for customers who have made the conscious decision to purchase a small Pret A Manger sandwich instead of something more substantial, like a car.

[Electric Pig]

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