The Nokia 1202. Named after the year it was developed.

Why on earth have we dragged out a picture of a mobile phone from a decade ago? An attempt to rustle up some pre-millennial nostalgia? Harking back to more innocent times when conducting illicit affairs by SMS was still a glint in the eye of an unhappy housewife?

Nope. Take a good look. That's a brand new phone.

In a world wowed by the iPhone and maybe soon to be wowed by the Google phone, Nokia have stepped up their game and launched a mobile with no camera, no applications, no email and no colour screen. It's not unlike watching a programme you've recorded on Sky+ and seeing an advert for a Squarial.

Whether it's a deliberate back-to-basics approach by the current king of the handsets, or whether it's a nod to the credit crunch and harder times ahead, the Nokia 1202 may find favour with your wallet - it'll only cost you £20 - but it's unlikely to blow your mind.


  • Ludwig
    - Do you think everyone in the world can afford an iphone? - Do you think my grandmother would appreciate a G1? maybe not... - A phone should make calls... this one does it and probably better than some top range ones! (trust me I know!) Reliable, affordable and pratical! I don't these adjectives can be used with the iphone or G1...
  • Nigel
    The best phone I have ever had was a Nokia 8310. It just worked, it was responsive and didn't contain bloatware. The second best phone I have ever owned is my current phone... a first gen iPhone :-)
  • Paul N.
    I might get slapped but I think the days of using a mobile to make calls are almost gone.....
  • Guy
    I imagine the battery life will be fantastic compared to modern 'bells and whistle' phones. At that price i might pick one up as a, i'm going on a drunken night out, phone
  • David P.
    My mum still uses my 3310 which I bought 6 years ago (she's in her 60's). Still works as well as the day I got it but has had a couple of battery replacements. I have since offered her every phone I had at the end of my phone contracts but she always complains about it being too complicated or the text being too small and reverts back to the 3310. She just wants a phone to make calls and to send the occasional text. Maybe I should buy her this for Christmas?
  • Pokey
    These state of the art phones are all so over rated. The iPhone might be impressive but like all modern phones it still has huge flaws that would be overcome by using a separate simple phone, decent camera and decent music player. Phone cameras in particular are offensively pathetic, and I dispise anyone who attempts to take a serious photograph using one. This kind of phone is perfect, for use as, God forbid... a phone.
  • Carphone B.
    [...] there are plenty of grumpy old sods reading this who think mobile phones should be for making phonecalls, here’s some news that’ll get you gossiping on Usenet [...]
  • deepak
    ludwig there was rite.."Reliable, affordable and pratical!" not all ppl can afford the glitzy glam phones.. i bought this phone last month-working lik a charm.appreciate Nokia's earnest attempt to reach out to the masses.. it is a basic phone.. nothing else.i am content with it. thanks again to Nokia !!
  • ben
    can you actually but these in UK, i heard that they are only for india and the like i really want one, and it has little to do with the price

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