Palm Pre pricing announced - almost identical to iPhone

Palm Pre. Hmm.Yes, we’re a day late with this one, but we spent most of yesterday kayaking as part of a team-building exercise. Honest.

O2 have declared themselves as “the home of the smartphone” with their upcoming exclusive launch of the Palm Pre (left) on October 16th. You could even go so far as to call them smart arses if you like.

In truth, O2 have had to go out all guns blazing to get an exclusive on the Pre as it is set to be the major smartphone rival to the iPhone, and the pricing plan revealed yesterday is iPhone-esque to say the least.

The Pre handset will be free to customers who sign up to a 24-month contract costing for £34.26 per month, which will include 600 UK minutes, 500 UK text messages and unlimited downloads.

Then there’s the 18-month contract – fork out at mammoth £73.41 per month and you’ll get a free Pre and a larynx-crushing 3000 UK minutes. There’ll also be 500 UK text messages and unlimited downloads.

An alternative 18-month contract will set you back just £29.38 per month but the Pre handset will cost you £96.89

Business tariffs will also be available on 24 or 36 month contracts and there’s still no news about Pre pay-as-you-go.

The Pre features a 3.1-inch touch-screen display, a slide-out Qwerty keyboard, a three-megapixel camera, push email support and high-speed internet access via 3G and Wi-Fi.

As our Paul said a couple of months ago, it’s going to be fascinating to see how O2 handle the fact that they’ve got exclusives on two competing smartphones, particularly as it’s widely believed that the Pre has to be a success if Palm is to survive. Maybe they’ll pick up disgruntled iPhone early adopters who want to try something new.

HTC_Tattoo_multiview_h1Let us know what you think of the Pre, and if you’d be tempted to invest in one. Or maybe you’ve got your eye on the Android-powered HTC Tattoo (pictured right), which is exclusive to Vodafone and has appeared as a pre-order on their website. As yet, there are no pricing details so it’s only getting this poxy paragraph at the end of the Pre story. Nyah nyah!


    If you have the money for these stupid contracts, you'd surely just buy an iphone?
  • Junkyard
    £625 for a phone with a crap camera? Pass.
  • Pizza_D_Action
    O2 are going to suck as... with better Android handsets coming out each week on better and better deals... who is going to want an iBone or a Palm Pre on a 24 month contract? Previously there wasn't a decent iBone rival but thats not the case now... just a shame the idiots at O2 haven't realised. I hope the fockers crash and burn!
  • kyalion
    What about the Nokia N97. Doesn't even get a mention as an iPhone rival. Is it because o2 don't do it on any tariff ?
  • lutin
    Palm can't be happy about this surely. I mean, if you got the money, you'd prob just go for the iphone. If Palm had signed up with an O2 rival and then priced this slightly cheaper, they might have stood a chance. As it is, O2 don't care if you go for an iphone instead of this - they win either way. Also, o2 had an exclusive on the samsung galaxy, which I really wanted, but then priced it the same as the iphone just like the Pre. The prices for these phones are ridiculous.
  • xman
    Kayaking eh? Nudge, Nudge, Wink, wink, Phwoar etc. etc.
  • Smarky
    Grrr! This annoys the hell out of me, 02 are ruining everything, I am looking for a new phone, I had one eye on the Pre, hoping 02 would do something decent with it. But excuse me, your paying £35 a month and they only give you 500 text messages!? I'm sorry what!?? This is crazy!!! I could perhaps stomach £35 a month for a phone if the phone was pretty darn awesome, but to have to pay extra on top of it to actually use it because it doesn't include hardly any texts is crazy!!
  • Matty
    As a current iPhone user I'm always really interested in what else is going on with smart phones and have been waiting to see what the pre has to offer ! Whilst it looks really cool I'm so surprised they partnered up with O2 as quite rightly mentioned why would you get one if you can get an iPhone for the same price ???? At first I was really jubious about getting a £35 p/m contract and even more dubious about buying a phone on contract as I had always got the handset for free ! However I think I would have no problem paying for another iPhone on contract because the device is just unreal ! If I was palm I would of found another network and lowered the cost of the handset aswel as the monthly cost or thrown in alot more text and mins. One thing that really winds me up is the poor 3G coverage and the fact that O2 (and other providers) have and think everyone has wifi at home ! What's the point in unlimited data when there is hardly any 3G coverage ! Grrrrrr
  • Bob
    Who does O2 plug when push comes to shove? Looks like there's a real conflict of interest here for O2 and I can see Palm losing out, particularly as it means harder work just to catch up with the market. Palm sShould have gone with another network as their flagship device. I know lots of people that are now deciding to stay away from these 18-24mth jail sentences, whatever the device. They are just not worth the money.

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