Order and pay for your Starbucks before you even get to the shop

starbucks-logo The mere mention of Starbucks sends certain people into a frenzy, muttering about tax and generally being annoyed at the price of the coffee served up. Of course, the rest of the world either shops there or simply ignores it.

Anyway, for fans of Starbucks - here's a thing - you can now order and pay for your coffee before you even enter the shop. The new mobile order and pay service basically enables you to speed up the process of getting a brew (unless everyone else is using the app, in which case, queueing is still going to be a thing).

An update in the existing Starbucks app rolls out today, which allows you to pre-order and pre-pay for a drink (or a snack) and all you have to do is rock up to your local Starbucks and collect your goods. This is great if you're socially anxious or a miseryguts.

If you want in, have a look at the top right of the app, where the order section has been updated. It does exactly as you imagine, enabling you to tweak your order and all that, before going fetching it. The app will give you an estimated time to pick up your order, which is estimated by the distance between your device’s location and your store of choice. It'll even consider walking and driving times, which is a nice touch.

You'll need a Starbucks account card though - that's how you get billed.

This service has been going great-guns in America, and the UK is the first place outside of the States to give this a whirl. Initially, it'll be an Apple-only affair (typical), before being rolled-out across all platforms. If you prefer, you can just make a flask of tea and shut up moaning about people's shopping habits.


  • fairynuff
    It's not the tax or the cost that bothers me, it's that their coffee simply isn't very nice compared to Caffe Nero or Costa. How on earth they became so influential is a genuine mystery to me.
  • Albi
    Yep, Costa wipes the floor with Starbucks

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