Orange unveil tariffs for iPhone 4

Bitterwallet - Orange logo Orange have unveiled their price plan for the forthcoming iPhone 4 and it ain’t cheap, but then what did you expect?

If you want to get a 16GB version of the phone for free, you’ll have to commit to Orange's £75 a month contract for two whole years. Or you could fork out  £169 for the handset on a £30 a month deal, £119 on a £35 a month deal, £89 for £40 a month or £29 for £45 a month.

Obviously, the tariffs for the 32GB version of the iPhone 4 are even more eye-watering. Oh, and don’t forget that as Apple normally release a new phone once a year, you’ll probably be carrying an out-of-date handset for about half of your contract period. Cool!

Orange are also advertising ‘unlimited’ data as part of the contracts, but with a fair usage limit of 750MB. Someone is going to have to alert the Oxford English Dictionary and get them to revise their definition of the word ‘unlimited’ before long.

If you fancy going PAYG with the iPhone 4, Orange will do you one for £480 (16GB) or £570 (32GB), a few quid less than Apple’s own advertised prices. It’s crazy stuff and no mistake – full details over at the Orange site itself.

It’s a pricey piece of phone and we wouldn’t have even if they gave us one for free (yes we would). If you’re looking to save a few quid, avid Bitterwallet reader BHBTG recommends the home-made version of the iPhone 4 that is currently selling on eBay (pictured below).

Elsewhere, Tesco Mobile have also announced that they’ll be offering the new iPhone, joining Orange, O2, 3 Mobile, Vodafone and T-Mobile as confirmed stockists, and Virgin Mobile as the odd ones out and the only UK provider who won’t be carrying it (as we write this anyway).

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  • Mike H.
    That homemade one is fake, I think it's actually a real iPhone 4.
  • MrRobin
    If the Vodafone tarrifs you covered yesterday are official then Voda prices are a bucket better than Orange!
  • Jase
    I spoke to on the phone to an Orange Support member...apparently the 750MB fair usage has always been a hard-cap, but they tell you when you've gone over. All iPhone 4's have the 750MB fair usage, or you can add: +500MB = £5, 1GB = £10 (kinda like a O2 bolt-on)
  • Alan
    Ive made a spreadsheet over here - if you want to look at it which helps compare tariffs.
  • Liam G.
    I'm pretty sure this shows that vodafone's prices were just test prices. I'll be *amazed* if the cost of the phone varies on different providers.
  • jesus
    Alan you are a god!
  • Chris
    What planet are Orange on? How can they say Unlimited and then directly underneath tell you it's limited to 750meg!? Call it a fair usage policy as much as you want but to me that's a hard limit. At least o2 were honest about the limit. Their reasoning is a different matter of course.
  • MaryWhitehousesGhost
    Agree they need to ditch this unlimited from all advertising, just tell us the hard caps so we can compare across the board. No doubt it's all legal because somewhere in the terms in font size -1 is a disclaimer to say we lied about unlimited to stop the 0.01% of people who go over the limit from ruining the experience for everyone else. I always wonder how the few can really affect the many, their networks much be put together with sticky tape and string.
  • Spark
    WTF! Is Dis Real?
  • MrRobin
    I made a spreadsheet too for the iPhone4: It's not completed yet as I don't know how much the phones will cost on O2
  • Terry
    Cheers MrRobin can you please update the file and post it here when the o2 and other tariffs are announced.
  • MrRobin
    No doubt the brilliant BitterWallet will cover it when O2 release the prices. I'll post it there.
  • Andy D.
    Excellent spreadsheets chaps. I'll promote them in a story on the site tomorrow and we'll remind readers to refer back to them whenever a new tariff is announced.
  • Rich
    I'm having trouble understanding the comparison spreadsheet. I understand most of it except the value for money part.
  • cheapskate
    Can't download MrRobin's as the site has exceeded daily d/l limit (is it on Orange?) Andy, can you arrange to host them?

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