Orange to give under-24s free stuff and sod the rest of you

Bitterwallet - Orange logoOrange have launched a new tariff called U24 which is designed with hard-up young people in mind.

This new deal gives people under the age of 24 extra calls, texts and data on top of their existing mobile plan. And it's all being offered at no extra cost by the network. So, for free, you'll get an additional 1GB of monthly data and free calls and texts to other Orange and T-Mobile users.

All you'll need to do is top up at least £15 a month on pay as you go, or have signed up for a pay monthly plan costing £15 or above. Seems fair enough doesn't it? Unless you're broke and 25 years old. Or using a Windows Phone, as this is only available on Android, iPhone and BlackBerry devices (aka, the phones that people actually use).

Simeon Bird, director of Propositions at Orange UK said: "We're pleased to be able to reward our younger customers with such a great offer. Whether they're going away to university, or starting out in a new career, with U24 we're hoping to make life a little easier, providing them with an extra mobile data allowance and the potential to call and text over 27 million people as often as they like - all for no extra charge."

Orange's U24 is available from today.


  • Dean
    It may be at no extra cost to those under 24 but those over 24 will pay for it in some way, be it less minutes and texts and mobile net usage on any upgrades they get.
  • Darren
    Do people still use Orange?
  • Sicknote
    Orange carries more un-creditworthy customers than any other major UK carrier - it used to be Virgin but they seem to have lost all the lepers to Orange now.
  • Won't C.
    Is this not ageist?
  • qwertyuiop
    It sounds like it, and most likely a gross breach of contract for everyone else. Free shit just because you're under 25? Glad I'm not on orange otherwise I'd be threatening them with death over the phone.
  • Chewbacca
    Oh, Bitterwallet. Never beneath you to take a swipe at WP7, is it? I'd be willing to put money on it, Mof, that you've never even had a hands on with a Windows phone. But then, iSheep and Fandroids don't need to be in possession of the facts to feel threatened by a superior platform. Fuckwit "journalism" at it's best.
  • Yip m.
    Chewbacca - You just nailed it.
  • Me
    O dear Chewbacca still defending your 'superior' platform that just abandoned all its early adopters after recently announcing no windows 8 update for any of the Windows phone 7 devices.
  • Mr. P.
    Windows on a PHONE? You're kidding me, right? Ha ha ha!
  • Mr. P.
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
  • Bob
    so what people? you get free stuff because you're under 24! you don't hear people bitching that pensioners get free travel because they are old, or that students get student discount just because they are students. god forbid... what will people think if they knew that employees get employee discounts! SO FUCKING WHAT?! on a more light-hearted note, why the hell is Orange not dead yet?
  • James D.
    hey guess what young people are having a hard time in this country at the moment, oh noes orange gave them a slightly better phone deal. ffs
  • mid c.
    Fuck it! Being middle aged sucks big time.
  • qwertyuiop
    James, I'd like to know how you think young people are having a harder time of it than anyone else. Unemployment probably affects just as many over 24s as well. This offer should be extended to everyone on orange.
  • Chewbacca
    @Me (great choice of name, ae you twelve?) You're 100% correct. I'd rather backwards compatibility like iOs and Android. Oh, wait. Android - fragmentation to the max with some apps only working on some phones some of the time. iOs - Two generations old hardware? Bye bye, no updates for you! Look, moron, ALL manufacturers cut legacy ties after a while. Quite why you think this is unique to Windows phones I don't know. Perhaps you've just splurged £400+ on a new iPhone and are already lamenting its teeny tiny screen and ancient looking OS?
  • Chewbacca
    Note - sometimes my "r" key doesn't work. Bloody iMacs :-)
  • Chewbacca
    good to see "Me" back with some witty repartee Of course, perhaps he/she/it is defining itself by its "disease" (ME). Then, it's perfectly understandable the he/she/it is a lazy fucker who can't even be arsed to troll properly...
  • Bob
    I love my windows phone and will be buying a new windows phone 8 in November. Love not having to reset my phone by pulling the battery out all the time and how silky smooth it is.
  • Me
    @Chewbacca - Calm down dear. I never once mentioned my platform I just stated a simple fact about yours - that isn't trolling. Your the one feeling the need to defend your platform - I'm happy with mine and no its not iphone. I get two years of updates with my phone - Microsoft hasn't even given you lumia owners a year of updates! I suggest you go take long hard look at your platform before you go off ranting.
  • Me M.
    I am me who trolls posting "cunts". The one above is a phony!
  • Me M.
    Almost forgot: Orange are cunts! Worst mobile operator ever.
  • Me
    Wow chewbacca your forum posting skills are so good. Guess you couldn't come up with a valid counter argument like an adult. O well enjoy your Lumia or equivalent in 6 months time when no one is producing any new apps for it...
  • Sicknote
    Hand on Chewbacca makes a valid case; I've use WP7 and I like it. However, there are 2 fundamental things that keep me using Android. 1. There is no clear message from Windows & the hardware manufacturers in terms of future proofing and WP road maps and I've always been waiting for M$ to say "fuck phones, let's do some other shit instead" 2. I like the openness of the Android platform; I know that my DIVX movie collection will copy straight across to my phone or tablet like it was hard drive and it will just play. Does Apple or M$ WP support that level of openness or file compatibility....NO..!
  • Sawyer
    The article doesn't explain why this isn't available on WP7. Surely this is just an extra thing bundled onto your tariff, rather than requiring a specific app? Unless the extra freebies are added on following some form of U24 test about TOWIE or whatever that shit is. That might need an app.
  • Jamie
    You can still get the U24 bundle even if you have a windows phone, it's just the app you can't get on windows. Why are you complaining that it's only available to under 24's? Highest unemployment rate, little experience in work history and they often over spend on their phone bills. I'm on Orange and since the T-mobile merge I've had a good signal everywhere I travel. Are you guys seriously arguing about your phone operating systems and who's is better? lol Yeah man, That's totally what life is about, "my virtual world is better than yours".

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