Orange launch PAYG Android smartphone for under £100

21 September 2010

Another poke in the eye for Apple, as the Android OS marches onward; Orange have launched a new entry-level PAYG Android smartphone - the cheapest in the UK.

The £99 handset is called the San Francisco; it'll run on Android 2.1 and throws in a include a 3 megapixel camera, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, FM radio and 150 MB of internal memory, although there's a microSD slot too. It's also a damned sight better looking than the Orange Amsterdam - the last Orange mobile to be named after a drug-addled metropolis.

Bitterwallet - the Orange San Francisco

The only potential downside is that the handset is pre-loaded with potential bloatware - according to Mobile Entertainment, the Orange App Store is already pre-loaded, as are Orange-branded versions of Windows Live Messenger and Orange Maps. Given Orange's current track record with Android, you'd probably rather they didn't tinker with the software too much.

Despite the news breaking this lunchtime, there's not a sniff of it on the Orange website, although it'll almost certainly be released in time for the Christmas market.

[Mobile Entertainment]


  • Ben
    crap network releases crap bottom end phone to frustrate customers and cause teens to rack up thousand pound bills. BRILLIANT.
  • Andy247
    Three have been selling the ZTE Racer handset running Android for months now at the same price. It's at the low end of the spec scale too though.
  • Alexis
    A poke in the eye for Apple? I bought a £99 iPhone 4 from 3 last week.
  • Mick
    I still cant figure out this website. One minute its anti-apple, the next Paul Smith has his tongue all the way through Steve Jobs' ringpiece.
  • Dan
    @Ben It's PAYG, how will teens rack up thousand pound bills?!
  • Jim
    @Dan Since when did people on here let facts get in the way of a good rant!
  • Meh
    Paul Smith - this is not a poke in the eye for Apple. What the hell are you talking about? This phone has nothing to do with Apple. It's another in a long line of budget touchscreen low-end handsets that don't have half the speed or power that the 3GS or the iPhone 4 have. Alexis - you did not pay £99 for an iPhone 4. You paid £99 deposit (that's effectively what it is) for a minimum 12 month contract, which you will pay much more than 99 quid for eventually. It's like saying you've paid £99 for a new-build property, and forget that you've got a 35 year mortgage to follow.
  • PaulH
    @Meh I think he was being an ass...unless...
  • Alexis
    [quote]Alexis – you did not pay £99 for an iPhone 4. You paid £99 deposit (that’s effectively what it is) for a minimum 12 month contract, which you will pay much more than 99 quid for eventually. It’s like saying you’ve paid £99 for a new-build property, and forget that you’ve got a 35 year mortgage to follow.[/quote] Yep, true. But the Orange phone's calls and data needs paying for. Saying you've got a phone for £99 is like saying you've paid £99 for a car, and forgot that you've got to pay for fuel, tax and servicing.
  • david
    Most people do say they have pay xxx amount for a car though. I'm sure someone could do a cost comparison over the course of 12 or 24 months for the respective handsets and contracts. But what validity it'll have is not so clear. The Iphone 4 is easily a better phone than this, but perhaps not so some of the latest Android ones. Personally I don't think Smith means any of this article, but just wants to avoid being known as the ITwat.
  • -]
    A car costs £x pounds, running costs are separate. A phone costs £x pounds, a contract is separate.
  • PokeHerPete
    I await the £99 iPhone, oh wait thats called the 2G!
  • zleet
    Orange San Francisco? Why not just call it the 'Orange Gay' and have done with it.
  • Meh
    This is what's wrong with the British mobile industry. We are the only country to offer such highly-priced monthly tariffs. So people expect they're getting their phone for free (or at £99 in this case), when in the real world you are paying a high rate for calls and texts. You really think by paying £35 a month for the iPhone 4 you're getting £35 worth of calls, texts and data? Rubbish. Oh, and the part about comparing car running costs is kind of absurd. You don't pay a deposit on a car and then get unlimited texts, 500 Magic Trees and 300 Dogging Sessions, do you?
  • Meh
    I should have said unlimited petrol, not texts. But my joke is still awesome.
  • simon
    orange is the shittest network its basically gone bust in hereford like theyve turned it off i wanna fkn switch network u piece of sht btw dont buy the genio touch from any network especially orange coz the phone is crap grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! i want my money bak
  • M
    Wow! You guys get really worked up about this trivia. I was just investigating what 'smartphones' cost to run, but I think I'll just stick with my trusty old, not-very-smart, Nokia, which makes calls, sends texts, and costs me less than a fiver a month.

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