Orange customer? Android 2.1 HTC Hero update from next week

You know us - any chance to pick up the burning torch and pitchfork in the name of the consumer. Occasionally, however, we'll let the witch live - by checking whether she's really a witch and not just warty. In this instance, the witch is Orange, and while we've attempted to burn them at the stake in the past, we've better news this time around.

At the end of last week, we were tipped off to an angry mob forming on Facebook, concerning Orange updating HTC Hero handsets with Android's 2.1 OS update, Éclair. The operating system has lots of super-whizz bang features packed in but, according to some rumour-mongers, Orange were going to withhold the update indefinitely: "It was the Orange-branded OS causing the problems! And T-Mobile had their update a fortnight ago! And it'll break the network! Burn the witch!"

We didn't think another operator releasing the update first was a big deal, but the Facebook group has attracted nearly 1,000 members in less than a week. The most noticeable grievance has been that Orange operators didn't know anything about the update which further rubbed salt in the wound.

We contacted Orange on Monday, who assured us the update is on the way, and last night they forwarded on this quote from a HTC spokesperson concerning the matter:

“We apologise for the delay in Orange Hero customers receiving their Éclair update. Testing the update across European markets took longer than anticipated. However, we hope to receive final approval by the end of the week and Orange handsets should start updating from next week.”

It's still vague on the specific date, but it's certainly not a case of the update being shelved indefinitely. Rather than an issue with the Orange-branded handsets or palpitations over the network requiring more data as a result, the delay is being attributed to the manufacturer, not the network supplier - although it doesn't really explain why handsets on T-Mobile in European markets received the update ahead of Orange customers. We have been told the "final approval" mentioned in the quote is HTC's internal requirement before roll-out, rather than of ORange.


  • PaulH
    Just buy an iPhone...
  • zacspeed
    ...or root it & throw on a custom 2.1 ROM!
  • PokeHerPete
    HTC Hero is for people who cant afford £900 a month for a iPhone.
  • Mr M.
    I'm just glad none of you will have to forfeit the essential Orange software that comes pre-installed..
  • Deech
    This went live this morning at 0900, they cannt even get thier press releases right! Part 1 was issued Monday Part 2 (the actual update) this morning
  • Sam
    HTC Hero is for people 'not stupid enough' to pay £900 a month for an iPhone which you can't even hold.
  • Mike
    Just root it.
  • Pizza_D_Action
    Just put 2.2 on my hero today and its ace. PokeHerPete is gay.
  • Brandon H.
    Hey Pizza_D_Action, where did you get the 2.2 rom from and does it work fully. I've got a 2.1 custom rom but i badly want the 2.2 feature to install apps to microsd card to save on internal memory.
  • Mike U.
    Brandon Heat, try for all your HTC ROMS needs

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