Orange and T-Mobile to stick their prices up for no good reason

Orange and T-Mobile are whacking their prices up again which means your monthly bill is going to make you angrier and more jaded than Justin Bieber.

The two networks, who merged under the EE umbrella, won't be letting anyone get out of their contracts without heavy penalty either. So basically, a lot of you will be paying more for a signal that's become increasingly patchy since they started mucking around with 4G.


"Due to inflation, which directly affects the costs of running our business, we've had to re-evaluate our prices and introduce an increase," said Orange with a straight face.

Orange customers will see a hike in price on 10th April while T-Mobile customers will get hit in the pocket on 9th May. And this is after both companies whacked their prices up just last year and if you try and get out of your contract, you'll have to pay the remainder (Ofcom are currently investigating this).

Meanwhile, O2 are currently courting everyone with the excellent Tu Go app. Are you Orange and T-Mobile customers jumping ship the first chance you get?



  • mikeypop
    So, after your fawning, superlative-laden rim-job on O2's new product last week, it gets a random, mostly-unrelated link (with added superlative, naturally) from this story too? Can we assume that you're very chuffed with the freebies O2 must have given you in return for all this undue adulation?
  • Alex B.
    I live in Bristol, one of EE's 4G cities, and I've not noticed any difference whatsoever to my 2G/3G signal since the introduction of 4G. Anyone who claims they have is probably just mistakenly associating the two unrelated events. As for the price increase, it's inflationary and explicitly mentioned in both Orange and T-Mobile contracts, as well as every other UK mobile telco. Whether or not other telcos choose to use their right to increase their prices by upto RPI is up to them and their business strategy (i.e. will it cause customer churn). I've been very happy with T-Mobile for over 3 years, so a small inflationary price rise won't cause me to look elsewhere. I imagine that this is reflected across T-Mobile's customer base, and they know this.
  • chewbacca
    @Alexis C Fuck off with your sycophantic bullshit. Most. Thinly. Veiled. Corporate. Shill. Ever.
  • Alex T.
    Blah blah blah, corporate T-Mobile wank. Blah blah blah. Will anyone notice that I work for T-mobile with my complete brown nose written post?
  • Tim
    Have you lot been informed of this increase? Last year I signed up to a new contract right before it was increased and I think I received a letter or txt telling me. But this is the first i've heard of it this year. It looks like my "Pay Monthly 25 Internet" plan is fast heading towards being renamed "Pay Monthly 27+ Internet" hmm
  • Meek
    What a load of fucking shit, my signal has been pathetic since this whole 4G farce. Obviously, I'm well aware that it's in their T&C's that they can raise the prices because wickedly good at being a pack of cunts. But unless they start providing a decent service to it's customers and not just raise their prices because they have a monopoly on the industry, then they can take a long jump off their corporate thrones. Twats.
  • Joey J.
    f o x e s
  • Alex B.
    Actually, no, I don't work for T-Mobile. Just a happy customer (yes, they exist). I joined T-Mobile 3 years ago and posted the deal I used on HUKD: I've found TMUK's signal to be better than Orange's, not to mention their CS. Maybe O2 and Vodafone are better again, given that they use 900MHz rather than 1800 MHz like Orange and TMUK. My only criticisms of TMUK would be a small cock-up with a Euro data booster last year (which they resolved with very little hassle) and poor support of smartphone firmware (but I doubt any other UK network does any better at this - the manufacturers and telcos haven't really got their heads round the idea that they're selling locked-down pocket Linux computers). I've not had official notification of the price increase yet, because it's not due to come into force for a couple of months yet. If you want someone to blame, blame the government (present and previous) and the Bank of England for an expansionary monetary policy (Quantitative Easing, Funding for Lending and so on).
  • Tim
    ^ That's the package i'm on. My biggest gripe at the moment is I reported to them over a year ago that their data allowance counter online doesn't work and yet you are expected to keep within a set data limit. Even if you call up they can't tell you how much data you have used until it's too later. And still today that counter doesn't work. Overall I have been happy though I live in a very rural area and have started to see speeds of up to 7.9Mbps whilst my home broadband can achieve 2.2Mbps at best. Just not happy that they are able to increase the price of the contract mid term.
  • Alex B.
    @Tim I just use an app on my handset (3G Watchdog) to keep track of my data usage. Android also has built-in usage tracking in ICS. To be honest, I have low expectations of a mobile telco; 1) reasonable coverage 2) reliable call/data routing assuming a reasonable signal 3) predictable costs and reliable billing 4) helpful customer service when there's a cock-up. Anything else (free cinema tickets, free apps, "free" handsets, wide range of handsets, smartphone usage support) is gravy.
  • Stenataar
    Everyone should leave Orange and look elsewhere. Only by voting with our feet can we get these large fat cat corporations to start treating their customers with any respect.
  • Brian J.
    Here we go again. More customers complaining. Yes costs Of running a business and products go up. Do you all complain to the staff of Tesco when your milk or bread goes up? Are you all that ignorant to economics? prices go up. That's life. My main complaint with T-Mobile is their ridiculous adverts That serve only to attract brainless idiots to their network, and judging by the ignorance I'm seeing here they are certainly reaping what theyve sown

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