Orange and T-Mobile become Everything Everywhere

It seems the marketing world has no bottom of the barrel left to scrape, having reached the point where it just can't be arsed. Orange and T-Mobile announced they would merge several months ago, and now the new name for the combined company has been revealed. Please, you may want to sit down, or adopt some sort of braced stance.

As of 1 July, the new company will be called:

Everything Everywhere

Really, that's it. And both Orange and T-Mobile will continue to operate as separate brands, too. According to the Guardian, Everything Everywhere plans to open around 100 retail outlets across the UK, and increase it WiFi hotspot network. The new company will also push ahead with launching broadband TV for Orange's 850,000 residential customers.

Everything Everywhere - proving that in marketing, no idea is a bad idea.


  • Nobby
    Everything Everywhere ... so long as its not something else, anywhere else.
  • Richard
    My word. Is this actually occurring?
  • wonky h.
    Did you know, I bum foxes.
  • Basil B.
    @wonky henry Yes I do, please stop following me. I'll contact the police.
  • Matt
    Everything. Everywhere. Unless you want 3G in my home town. Then it's Not a Chance. Everywhere.
  • Richard
    @wonky henry comedy gold...
  • Issac M.
    Sorry, but for once the following IS appropriate... WTF IS DIS REAL ?
  • N E.
    I hope your lying.
  • jinj
    Shouldnt the first port of call to give everybody with a mobile phone a fricking signal. Every day its a bloody race to get a msg to send before the signal drops. F**kers!
  • Mr M.
    So are we going to see t-mobile and orange merge their coverage???
  • Vin
    Official Press Release from Orange UK:
  • Adolph
    Posted by N E: "I hope your lying." Did you, by chance, intend to write: I hope you're lying?
  • kfcws
    @Mr Miagi.... nope. Apparently they will be getting rid of dual sites..... so presumably they'll hit capacity before they've finished. If they do change their minds they could advertise that they have the most capacity.
  • Fatal E.
    So.... does this mean I can use both Orange and T-Mobiles networks / data network? Or are they going to leave it as it is.
  • Rockweiler
    Actually a very good idea to do it this way, think about it.. a name change means new T&Cs for customers attached to both of the current brands, mass mailings to notify everyone. If they establish a combined brand but allow people to continue and only move them to EE when they have a contract renewal it means in 18 months most people will be under the new brand, then they mass mail the small portion that are left and move them over. Fairly savvy if you ask me
  • Gadget 4.
    @ Rockweiler - are you really suggesting they are merging just to make a change to their terms and conditions with existing customers?! Your business sense is something else indeed! Plus, the new entity can't unilaterally change the terms of the contract any more than Orange or T-Mobile could as individual entities. If they attempt it then you can cancel.
  • Nobby
    No doubt EE will be trying to poach customers from Orange and TM, even though they are the same company.
  • N E.
    @Adolph Sorry Mein Fuhrer, I did! I was concentrating too much on whether it was "lieing" or "lying".
  • Hsnook
    Almost as stupid as Hans snooks ( Former head of Orange) comment " and we walk dogs" many years ago at a corp brain washing event.
  • Shaun
    And there I was, hoping they were going to name their Yorkshire outlets t'Orange.
  • Junkyard
    Never mind all the re-branding BS, I just want to know when the cross-network roaming that they promise "some time this year" is actually going to happen. It would be kinda nice to actually use the data connection on my shiny new HTC Desire somewhere other than in my house and office.
  • Ballu
    Everything Everywhere aka EE (Double E) =bra size... one size fits all. makes perfect sense!
  • dunfyboy
    I suggested "T-Mange" and "Orible" a while ago. Either of these would've been more appropriate.
  • Ash
    Everything Everywhere......Expect my house, my work, my parents house........The list is endless!!
  • besb
    When my wife complained about signal strength or lack of in our area was first told to buy a new phone HTC and connec via wifi and the net. Further calls got to a brilliant guy called Mathew who got her to test various connections manually on her phone. Signals were available on o2 voda t-mobile , all but orange. He did further checks and declared there was a mast problem. Then came the interesting bit about the sharing for which we signed up early September. The initial switch is scheduled for 18 september at 01:58 am for testing. Only thing I am now worried about is if you roam onto a T-Mobile will or vice versa if on a t-mobile contract will you be charged roaming rates.

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