ORANGE ALERT: Orange scrap plans to change Terms of Service?

UPDATE: ToS rollback now confirmed by Orange executive and press office. Existing cancellations will stand. Read it here.

In the last hour, we've received information from two individual sources that Orange has decided not to push through the proposed changes to its Terms of Service. If this is the case, then the new charges due to begin in September will not be introduced, and customers will no longer have grounds (as Orange's current terms and conditions suggest) to cancel their contracts.

We're letting you know because this information has been passed on from two different sources, although it is yet to be confirmed by Orange themselves; we'll now attempt to verify this with their press office. In the meantime, if you have been told similar by an Orange representative in the past hour or can provide a source of official information, please get in touch at [email protected]


  • Trevor A.
    Just got told the same thing just now by orange disconnections
  • deejayone
    I have heard this news this morning, too. Will customers still be able to cancel until they have received 'the text' telling them the charges won't be changing? Considering the way Orange have dealt with this whole situation I think people should still go for it with them until something official is received from Orange.
  • TV's B.
    Interesting. I wonder how it affects people who have already cancelled (I assume that will go through ok). But surely by attempting and giving notice of the change to the ts and cs, people are still entitled to cancel?
  • Pete
    I was lucky to have cancelled my contract first attempt on monday evening =p
  • Dave
    I just spoke to disconnections and got the same response, said something would be issued within 2 weeks. Told me that it would be costly to disconnect currently. Wonder if this is real, I guess it most be, but does the fact that I have not had the text or confirmation of no changes yet still mean I could push to a cancellation? Dave
  • Pizza_D_Action
    Quick, the horse has bolted... close the gate and stick a padlock on it.....
  • skiwil
    So if they are scrapping it, what happens to people who have already signed up to a "new" contract with the charges all ready in place?
  • Get T.
    "Posted by Dave | August 12th, 2009 at 9:21 am I just spoke to disconnections and got the same response, said something would be issued within 2 weeks." Luckily this will fall after the end of the 30 day cancellation period that i'm currently waiting for! Surely if they have already cancelled it they can't un cancel it?
  • Superjutah
    When they cancelled the contract, they CANNOT then reinforce a previous contract as it has been mutually agreed the contract has been voided!!! They will have no grounds to maintain the previous contract as a contract has to be agreed by 2 parties! So anyone who has cancelled, Orange would have to ask that person "Would you like to go back on your old contract?" and obviously the answer will be no so thats that!
  • John
    VERY glad I got mine cancelled now then. My PAC turned up 3 days after cancelling, so I know my contracts cancelled. I reckon they'll just not introduce the price change to existing customers (that have not already signed up to the new prices), and just swallow the loss as it's smaller than losing a shed-load of customers. Sounds to me like they've tried it on, just to see if it would work, and bailed when they realised it was failing.
  • Robert
    Damn, I was supposed to receive the text tomorrow,
  • Ty
    I'm still sceptical about the whole situation! Whilst I hadn't yet cancelled my contract, there has been no official communication directly from a valid orange source and as such I still do not feel satisfied with the content of this article being the 'holy grace' for no longer allowing contracts to be cancelled.... I feel until there is some form of official communication, then contracts being cancelled should still commence! I really would like clarification on the next step to take (if any).
  • Adam
    Well my PAC code has just arrived via the post, if i have this and it saysmy contract iscancelled orange cannot force me to start paying it again. I will be ringing them up and formally finsihing payments and gettting refunds. thanksto bitterwallet for all the advise, you guys should make an iphone RSS app
  • dvdj
    Hmm my PAC code is on it's way, best use it asap!
  • Mark F.
    Here's a question? I had two phone contracts. One with Vodafone and one with orange. The Vodafone contract was due an upgrade so i got myself an N97 18 month contract. I was fairly confident i could cancel the orange contract, but now i'm stuck with it for another 9 months. I feel daft, but i know i wont be the only one in this position? Any suggestions.....what's the minimum contract i can have with orange because i'm not gonna use the sim card!
  • bawbag
    @ Mark F Perhaps you should have cancelled your Orange contract before taking out another one. You do know what they say about assumptions don't you?
  • Mark F.
    @ bawbag Like i say i feel daft for doing it, i know i should have waited....delayed gratification and all that......but there will be other people out there in my position!
  • manny
    @ Mark F The lowest price plan orange offers is £25, so in theory your mistake has cost you £225. unless you can cancel the vodafone one under 14 day period.
  • Mensa
    One of their operators told me they had lost an estimated £1.4billion in handsets and future revenue. I think there may be a vacancy coming up at board level soon!
  • Stuart
    As word has it, the changes will be scrapped, does anyone know if this is correct? I have received a text no longer than an hour ago from Orange telling me about the changes to the prices???
  • helen
    just wondering if anyone can help me - i had received a text message about the change in call charges a while ago but actually have to admit i didn't pay much attention to it as my phone had already cut off and my contract suspended for non payment of bill (i owed them for two months as i have recently graduated from university and until last week i was unemplyed so money was very tight!). after hearing from a friend that i could be entitled to leave orange because of the changes in call charges, i rang up on the 10th to try and cancel but once i had explained to the operator what i wanted to do i was disconnected, i rang up again and complained to the next person i spoke to who fobbed me off with the 'it was probably an accidental disconnection' and then told me that as i owed them money they would not be able to cancel my contract. i told them that if i borrowed some money i could pay my bill on wednesday and they said that was fine. so this evening i paid my bill and then rang to try and cancel and was told about orange retracting the changes and how this meant i could not cancel my contract. i explained that i felt i was prevented from ending my contract by the customer service operators i spoke to before the changes were retracted and that for this reason i should still be able to leave but the lady i spoke to refused to help me any further with it and simply said if i wanted to leave i would now have to buy my way out! and then to top things off told me that there was no record on the system of the two people i had spoke to previously!! does anybody know i have reasonable grounds to still push for my contract being ended??
  • Richard
    This is a response to helen, if you havent paid your bill then you cant cancel your contract as your in breach of it. Now orange will not be changeing there t's & c's you have no grounds to cancel. to tuff sorry to be blunt.
  • Orange e.
    Mark F, u can only downgrade ur talk plan by 1 grade n thats only after 9 months. so if ur on dolphin 35 then after 9 months u can go down to dolphin 30.
  • Jimbean
    I've had a PAC code come through the post and was going to change networks on monday. orange have now sent me a text to say: "sorry you're leaving us due to our price changes from sept. We're no longer making these changes & would love you to stay. call 150 and select option 1, then option 4 to talk to talk to us." im assuming that i can still change my contract right and this cancellation will go through hence the text message?
  • TonyJ
    I spoke to CS last week and they confirmed I had 30 days from the date of the text to cancel, I call them today and some arrogant Team Leader told me I could not cancel as the T&C are not changing. It will cost me £200 to buy the contract out. I have asked for a manager to call me, he said it will be in 72 hours time. I am sure that if someone from CS says "you have 30 days to cancel" then that must mean something.

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