Ofcom to go after mobile phone bills

mobile Good news! Mobile phone bills are going to fall thanks to Ofcom announcing new plans for another clampdown on the fees operators have been doling out to customers.

The bad news is that our providers will probably hide the charges elsewhere until Ofcom has another review.

The cost of mobile termination rates have already dropped off sharply in the past few years, down 80% from roughly 4p a minute to 0.8p. Ten years ago, termination rates were around 14p, so we're doing alright on that front.

The latest action from regulator Ofcom will see that rate going up slightly, to just shy of half a penny by April 2017.

Ofcom's competition policy director Brian Potterill said: “Consumers in the UK benefit from a thriving competitive market and mobile calls have never been cheaper. The average cost of a call bundle has fallen from £40 to around £13 in real terms over the last 10 years."

The regulator will publish their final decisions by March 2015.

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