Ofcom to allow 4G to use 2G and 3G spectrum... sod whether you need it

mobile phone user Ofcom has given a green light to mobile operators to reuse 2G and 3G spectrum for their 4G services. This is good news for the likes of O2 and Vodafone, as it means they won't have to formally apply to use their existing resources for 4G.

"This decision delivers a long standing objective to liberalise all mobile licences so as to remove the regulatory barriers to deployment of the latest available mobile technology," Ofcom said.

"Even though operators may not seek to deploy 4G services in the newly liberalised bands in the immediate future, the interests of consumers will be served by the fact that these bands have been liberalised now, ahead of a market led transition to their use for 4G technology in future."

"As a result, operators can plan and implement a transition to 4G technology in these bands without having to engage in a further regulatory process."

Of course, if you still need to use 2G or 3G on your phone, this is dreadful news, as many consumers have found out after EE borked the signal for customers who haven't signed up for 4G yet, leaving them with patchy or non-existent coverage on their phones.

If people's TV signal cocks up, this 4G sell-off could end in riots.


  • Mustapha S.
    If people’s TV signal cocks up, this 4G sell-off could end in riots. No it won't. This is England, not France. Someone might pen a sternly worded letter in the Guardian, and that's about it.
  • Reser
    @Mustapha Yeah of course because riots do not happen in this country. Idiot. Not like there was not recent riots to completely make you look like a tool.. Oh wait..
  • DerpaChief
    The people of Great Britian will never riot over something so trivial. We'll just do things our way, which consists of sending letters expressing our thoughts and discussing this with friends over a cup of tea like always. We're just too civilised and that is the problem with most of us, especially the older generation. But to be honest, the transition won't be for another few years and by then, the majority of us will have new phones that are 4g compatible.
  • Billy b.
    My EE reception did indeed go to shit, so much so that I left Orange and took my business elsewhere. Thanks for reading.
  • Bobby
    So does that mean I can go to ee now and say their in breach of contract for slowing my 3G down because lately I'm better off firing up my steam powered desktop and dusting down my 56k dial up modem very poor service in all fairness :(

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