Ofcom tackles retailers over phone slamming

Ofcom are sick of it and aren't going to take it anymore; the telecommunications regulator has got the arse with companies indulging in phone slamming - switching the phone services of a user to another provider without permission - and is bringing in new rules to tackle it.

The new rules for mobiles and proposals for home phones put the responsibility for preventing mis-selling with the service providers - O2, Orange, etc. It should mean an end to those infuriating conversations with call centre staff that claim to be from a service provider and harrass you to the point of insanity, despite not working for the service provider at all.

According to Which? mobile phone providers must:

  • not engage in dishonest, misleading or deceptive conduct and put provisions in place to ensure that those selling their products and services similarly do not mis-sell
  • make sure the customer intends and is authorised to enter into a contract
  • make sure consumers get the information they need at the point of sale
  • make sure that the terms and conditions of cash back deals offered by their retailers are not unduly restrictive
  • carry out certain due diligence checks in respect of their retailers

Service providers will be fined if found in breach of the new rules, so the the new rules should lead to increased vetting of the retailers acting on their behalf, and we can reclaim a little more peace in our lives.



  • The B.
    That has to be the first time in their entire existence that they've got off their arse and done something for the good of the consumer, there must be a recession on and they’re worrying that they’ll be found out as a bunch of chocolate teapots and lose their jobs.
  • jaysexy212005
    Finally ofcom are doing some work.
  • Ofcom M.
    We unfortunately have too many personal business and political ties to warrant acting in most situations, hence the soft touch approach in many cases.
  • Honky S.
    Talk Talk are the masters of Slamming!
  • Gunner
    Been done by both BT and SKY, had to call them at my cost and cancel something I never asked for.

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