Ofcom delays Everything Everywhere 4G decision

everything everywhereThose meddling Ofcom kids have decided that they're going to delay theur decision over whether to grant Everything Everywhere early permission to start providing a 4G network in the UK.

It was announced that the company was going to be the first to have a crack at it, but obviously, the competition kicked up a stink, with Vodafone and then O2 being the loudest moaners.

David Dyson, CEO of Three, soon started chipping in, and speaking at the eForum, he said: "Speaking as a consumer, my clear request to Ofcom is for them to reconsider their technical analysis and position on low frequency spectrum, and re-conclude on a solution that more closely follows every other regulator in Europe.

"In my opinion as the CEO of a mobile operator, a conclusion to the contrary would be irrational, questionable and unnecessarily risks future competition in the UK mobile market."

Ofcom was initially going to make their decision on April 17th, but have now said that they'll be pushing the date back to May 8th after stakeholders requested more time to respond. For the rest of us, we'll just have to wait and see whether we'll get 4G before 2012 is out.


  • Boris
    See how they have copied my policy of waiting and making up my mind about things much later. I am a true leader of men. I have seen Ken loitering near schools on 'official bussiness'. Make of this as you will.
  • a s.
    theur ?
  • Mike H.
    Really, Ofcom should be making them change their name to 'Nothing Nowhere'

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