Ofcom bare their regulatory teeth at shoddy mobile providers and cashback cowboys

old_mobile_phones_001In the week when we’ve uncovered a way that T-Mobile customers can get out of their contracts early, it seems that Ofcom have finally decided to tighten up the mobile phone market with some new regulations.

Introduced on Wednesday of this week the new rules focus as much on third party sellers as the core network providers and follow a large increase in the number of complaints about cashback plans that are almost impossible to follow.

You know the sort of thing we’re talking about – take out a £30 a month price plan, but every time there’s a full moon, send the supplier a photocopy of your latest bill, a pinch of ground ginger and a drawing of a horse's shin and you’ll get £25 back.

Ofcom say they have no authority over third party sellers which has resulted in the arrival of various ‘cowboy’ firms arriving in the marketplace. Now the onus is on the network providers to carry out diligent checks before getting involved with third party sellers.

Mis-selling is also covered in the new regulations – for example phone retailers who promise a signal in an area where there isn’t one could be hit hard from now on. The phone providers themselves will face heavy fines, forcing them to keep a closer watch on who they associate their services with.

Have you been stung by a bullshit cashback deal? Maybe you were sold a phone but can only get a signal if you climb on to your roof and cling to the chimney while chanting the Lord's Prayer backwards. Come on, it’s Bitterwallet’s National Mobile Phone Provider Hate Month again, so let’s get a’namin’ and a’shamin’…


  • Tom P.
    My dad still uses one of those "mobile" phones in the picture, from a time before i was born.
  • The B.
    Yeah, I believe that, OFCOM are exceptionally reliable, always on the side of the consumer and fighting dodgy behaviour by phone companies, like every other regulatory biody they're formed of an old boys network of ex industry bods who never find their mates guilty.
  • The B.
    Balls, I knew I should've spell checked it.
  • Tosspot
    I've cancelled an Orange contract and a Virgin Media contract, both because of bad signals. The Orange contract was cancelled with the help of info I got from this site (thanks!), and the Virgin Media contract was a monthly one that I took out after that. In both cases, the suppliers' website shows that they give excellent coverage (2G & 3G) at both home and work for me. In reality, I actually get 1 bar of 1G at home with both networks. I literally have 1 place in my home that I can go to, in order to make or take calls. I've never experienced sitting in my living room and chatting on the phone. Hopefully, the O2 sim will be better (once I get my PAC). ORANGE AND VIRGIN ARE LIARS!!!
  • Mike C.
    Tom, the only reason your dad is still uses that mobile is because it doubles up as a top of the range dildo... that device is whats keeping your family together so pay a little bit more respect fuckwit.

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