Obligatory iPhone post - App Store turns 1 on Saturday

Yes, it's true! We can scarcely contain our excitement! The App Store is one year old on Saturday, so to celebrate we're throwing a street party and you're all invited! Can't get along? Then no doubt you'll want to organise your own to celebrate. Here are some hints to get you started:

  • Get together with some neighbours and plan the party. Share out the tasks; don't try and do it all yourself. There's an app for that. Quite a few, actually.
  • Decide where the party is going to be. It’s best to get together in somebody’s garden, driveway or house, but try and choose somewhere you can steal a neighbour's wifi to download new apps.
  • Think about the food and drink. Do you want a BBQ or sandwiches and cakes? After all, we all love apps but we can't eat them!
  • Think about the ages of your neighbours. How are you going to occupy them? Is anybody good at face painting, for example? Of course they're not. They'll only look like an sad lonely tiger that doesn't own an iPhone. Best to share yours and let them play a new game from the App Store.
  • Go round to see your neighbours the weekend before and give them a final reminder of what you’re planning. Try and make sure you don't have too many duplicate apps between you, or you'll spoil the fun of comparing countless pages of crap you've bought and never used.


  • bykergrove
    sad, very sad. It's not even funny. I feel sorry for your Girlfriend, does she feel ashamed to be going out with the shitter Paul out of the two of you?
  • chunk
    lmao @ bykergrove
  • chipz
    lolllllll....so true bykergrove
  • phatboy123
    Paul, I thought byker was being a bit harsh. BUT sometimes reading your articles it feels like im looking at a big internet scrapbook.......... emphasis on the "scrap" If anyone wants to see plagiarism at its worst, check out numbers 4 & 6 in the link below. http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio2/life-2-live/love-where-you-live/great-british-streetparty/party-tips/ Hmm........ anything seem familiar? :)
  • Paul S.
    Christ phatboy123, you didn't seriously think I was going to write a real guide to hosting a street party when I've part-funded one already?
  • Maximus
    I used to work with a bloke named Paul Smith and he was a c*nt as well.
  • Tom P.
    @ phatboy123 you must be an OLD wanker listening to, or visiting the Radio 2 website...stick with your Terry Wogan mate
  • phatboy123
    "Christ phatboy123, you didn’t seriously think I was going to write a real guide to hosting a street party when I’ve part-funded one already?" Sorry Paul I couldn't let it lie, must be tough at the top. enjoy your i-phone street party and of course the obligatory sleepover at your i-phone buddy's house.
  • Lumoruk
    Tom pickering> Radio 2 is for educated listeners not just Old people
  • phatboy123
    @ Tom Prick-ring "OLD wanker" hehehe WHAT THE FUCK HAS THAT GOT TO DO WITH ANYTHING? APART FROM BEING A RETARDED THOUGHT IN YOUR LITTLE SKULL THAT YOU GRACIOUSLY DECIDED TO SHARE WITH US btw who the fuck listens to the radio these days anyway? showing YOUR age much? "mate" :)
  • Jeffrey A.
    Phatboy123, around 20 million people, if you either knew how to read or listened to the radio, you may learn things such as this, instead of only being experienced in caps lock. Otherwise, what a complete shit article. When the hell are bitterwallet going on deathwatch?
  • J
    iBird Explorer Backyard
  • Nobby
    He didn't plagiarise it by himself. There is an app for that.
  • U K.

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