O2/Three price freeze promise

4 February 2016

really nice mobile phone action There's been some concern that prices will go up, if Three and O2 merge. Of course, with the way Three have been treating their legacy customers, it isn't surprising that suspicion is being aroused by the whole thing.

Well, the firm behind the proposed deal - Hutchison - have vowed that there's going to be a five-year price, if the £10bn merger goes through. The promise is that the price of voice minutes, texts, or megabytes will not go up for customers.

Canning Fok, group managing director, said: "From the outset, we have followed the principle that as technology improves people should always get more and pay less for their mobile services. That has not always made us popular with our competitors."

"In short, over the next five years Three+O2's customers will be getting more and paying less than they do today for mobile services and the wholesale market will also be better off."

"Over the coming weeks the promises I have laid out will be an important part of the case Three will put to Europe's competition authorities."

This merger will see the new company becoming the biggest mobile operator in the UK, so there's a lot at stake here, as the competition heats up, given that BT and EE are soon to become one.

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