O2 pick up Palm Pre exclusive, but will they lose the iPhone?

The Palm Pre - cited by Palm fanboys as an iPhone killer despite having never seen or used one - is likely to launch in the UK before Christmas in an exclusive tie-up to O2.  Last week the Pre's US release date was announced as a week on Saturday, however high demand in comparison to limited supply means the handset will not be available overseas until much later in the year.

The news of the Pre signing up exclusively to O2 has also set tongues wagging concerning the service provider's exclusive deal with Apple's iPhone; several sites are pointing to the deal with Palm as a sure sign that Apple will unlock the new handset due out in several weeks, and allow it to be used across a choice of several networks.

The Pre is only available on the Sprint mobile network in the US, and will retail for around £129, but still involve the customer signing a two year contract. Despite ruling the PDA market a decade ago, Palm have fallen on hard times; their revenue was recently reported to have nose-divided by nearly three-quarters. Palm need the Pre to pose a serious threat to the smartphone market if the company is to survive, and that'll mean getting the likes of the iPhone and BlackBerry in a headlock and giving them a serious tech noogie. Whatever that is.

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  • TJ
    Good luck to em I say, but it looks kack. I'll stick with my iPhone ta!
  • James R.
    Great device and I would have expected Vodafone to get this - Vodafone have more of a business presence than O2
  • Ian P.
    OS and functions look to be better than iphone - however iphone has a very loyal following - so the Palm is going to have to offer good value as well - otherwise it just won't sell in sufficicent numbers...
  • Tom P.
    "£129, but still involve the customer signing a two year contract" We just have to wait for them to change their T&C's a couple of weeks into the contract, then we can tell them to get stuffed, we keep the phone and cancel the contract.
  • Michael C.
    The App Store has been built up so much that it will be difficult for any Palm or Android device to gain significant market share in my opinion.

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