O2 now charges for free texts with new 'unlimited' tariffs

bitterwallet - O2 charges for MMS and international textsIf you're one of the old school who bought your iPhone on an O2 contract, a word of warning before you upgrade - check the small print.

Avid Bitterwallet reader Dominic has been in touch to let us know that you won't get what you expect from O2's new improved "unlimited text" tariffs:

As a subscriber of the old £35 a month tariff (600 mins and 500 texts) I thought it was a good deal to change to their £40 a month for 600 mins and 'unlimited' texts... but there's a catch.

At the moment on the £35 a month tariff you can text an international number or send a picture message and it comes out of your 500 message allowance. With a new 'unlimited text' tariff you have to pay extra for picture messages and international texts. This wasn't explained to me and so I cancelled my 'upgrade' on the subsequent phone call.

We've had a check and it's now 20 pence per MMS and 16 pence per international text. Even if you stay on the same tariff, you'll still find yourself with the new 'unlimited texts' alternative and having to pay for texts that were included in your allowance. Having said that, if you've finished your contract you might be better off looking at O2's Simplicity deals - instead of £40 per month for two years, you pay half the price for half the contract length.


  • Peter E.
    I thought BW was a HUKD blog? This was discussed to death on HUKD nearly two weeks ago........... http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/620032/existing-iphone-o2-customers-upgrad
  • Richard
    Seriously guys, do even read the deals from your own website? :-P
    • Andy D.
      @Richard - All of them? No. Of course we don't. Have you seen how many of us there are?
  • Fella-Tio
    yes they are far too busy looking at Packaging from Play and copies of Teenie Bopper Monthly
    • Andy D.
      And what's wrong with Teenie Bopper Monthly? We're finding that it's much more focussed since it stopped being a weekly.
  • who B.
    sneaky o2 bastards, i've got three o2 contracts coming to an end very soon. 1 x £35 pm iphone 1 x £45 pm iphone 1 x £20 pm standard it looks like ill have to take my business elsewhere or loo into the simplicity tariffs.
  • Paul C.
    Seriously Andy et al, this is what your readership wants.. just not two weeks later. More informative articles as opposed to some piddly 'humourous' image with a spelling mistake in it, or another Apple fanboy article. I'm sure if you guys kept the tone, brought more articles about companies other than Apple, Ryanair or lacklustre infomercials - your RSS subscriptions and general readership would be higher. Its poor form when the forum you are supposed to represent have already covered this in depth several weeks ago. What's next? C&A on Deathwatch? A feature on TWA? Or an advert for Sunny Delight? All accompanied by some 2nd rate Chris Morris humour. Out of touch, much?
  • stu
    Interestingly enough I have changed my iPhone to one of these new contracts at £15 a month after phoning them up the other day, they did not tell me of this change and the new charge so far they have not sent me anything to look at, I have not been on the website and my o2 app on my iPhone also doesnt tell me this info, when I look specifically at the 'my calling plan' charges list it doesnt show anything for texts other than '0p' so IF I am charged for texts when I go to spain next week I will be straight on the phone to o2 asking them if they dont have any requirement to tell me about changes to charges in any kind of formal manner.
  • PaulH
    @Paul Coia Go read the Daily Mail
  • bykergrove
    lol andy did you fix your netbook screen then? or did you fix the gf instead?
  • Fella-Tio
    No I apologise, Teeny Bopper Monthly is a great mag, just needs more pics (pref nudes) of Boyzone etc until then I'll stick with 'Gagging Grannies'
  • Dominic
    There is a lot posted on HUKD and so to keep an eye on it all would need an extra day in the week.. it's good it's got a headline spot here.. and a poster from the comments thread on HUKD made this very relevant point: "Lose free roaming texts (the best thing about o2), free MMS, and lots of minutes, in exchange for getting more texts that I'll never use? No ta. Terrible deal and destroys any competitive advantage o2 had over Orange/Vodas iPhone offerings. " ..and yes I was the one who submitted it earlier.. Thanks for posting guys!
  • Fella-Tio
    WTF u on about Netbooks for? this is about Phones fool! is your name Geoff? How, Canny, Jarmans, Way Aye Pet!
  • Phil M.
    Erm.. isn't this how it's always been on O2? My current phone contract which I took out over a year ago on O2 stipulated that MMS etc was not included in the 'unlimited texts'. Conversely, I think on the non-unlimited tariffs it 'costs' something like 4 of the inclusive 'texts', no? Does no-one else actually read the things they sign up for? >.<
  • Mark P.
    Meh. whatchoogunnadoabouti?
  • IB
    arent picture messages taken as four txt messages ... ?!
  • Dominic
    A lot of the old tariffs were not unlimited texts.. some 500txts, some 1000txts and from that allowance if you sent a picture message it would take up 4 regular texts.. now all packages come with unlimited texts you don't have this option.. and are forced to pay for text messages!
  • Whaaaa
    What do you expect really? If people are open and willing to be extorted to buy an iPhone contract, they will be seen by O2, any company as a chump that does not understand what value for money means so will try to milk you for as much as possible
  • Maude
    Erm, I have ALWAYS been charged for international texts on my O2 iPhone contract. They have never been included.
  • Jehova
    I have an iphone 3GS, 12 months into a 24 month contract. I currently have a "bolt on" of unlimited texts and international texts and pic messages are included - does this mean my current price per month and usage will be changing?
  • O2 B.
    [...] O2 then changed the tariffs so that new and upgrading customers were charged 16p per international text – detail they failed to tell anyone about. We warned readers to read the small print if they were due to upgrade because catching out a lot of customers who were unaware of the additional costs until they received their bill. [...]
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