O2 customers chuckling over forthcoming Tu Me app

o2logo_mediacentre O2 customers with iPhones could soon be getting their paws on free calls, texts and sharing, with the help of a new app that taps into their data allowance.

It’ll be called Tu Me and will override the normal allowances of minutes and texts – meaning that if you’re at home and using a wi-fi data connection, you can chat and SMS away to your heart’s content with a potentially infinite amount of talk time and texts to other O2 customers.

It’ll even allow wi-fi users to make international calls for free, snaffling the best bits of services like Skype and WhatsApp and lumping them together in one place. O2 say that it is “the only app that lets you make calls, send voice messages, instant messages, photos and location from one control within one screen, with no need to switch apps or tabs.”

Tu Me should be launching for iPhone in the not-too-distant future and an Android version is also promised.


  • MikeBeaver
    So basically it is the same as Viber then?
  • Dogturd A.
    Why the fuck would I want to talk to iPhone owners, the cunts?
  • Dogturd d.
    @Dogturd fucking Abi ......Now why would iphone users want to speak to an inbred of a cunt like you
  • The c.
    You iPhone wanking cunt.
  • /g/ u.
    Is.. this.. gizmodo's comment area?
  • Abi w.
    @dogturd Fuck off Abi you inbred cunt.
  • JohnW
    BT are also currently trialling a similar product for smart phones where all the calls (to anyone/anywhere) come out of your home phone calling plan.
  • Mike H.
    Give it 6 months and you'll be paying for it, just like Skype did. And you iPhone owning cunts will get sucked into it.
  • Iphone w.
    So because there is an iphone specific story, this website jumps on it!!? Skype is free and works on Android and iphone, so free video call. Viber is free, works on iphone and android and is free calls and messages. Whatsapp is on most smartphones and is free messages... so what exactly is this app offering that overs don't? And why is this app gaining press from this website? Do the 'tards that write this shit not know about Viber, Whatsapp, Skype???
  • Mr F.
    There's got to be a catch, they wouldn't promote something which might save users from 'spending' their free allowance and then running up less of a bill
  • Christopher R.
    @Mr Fox it uses up their tiny data allowance so when customers exceed that they will run up more of a bill :)

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