Now you see it, now you don't - the mysterious missing iPhone adapter...

The new iPhone 5 then. Everyone’s talking about it right now – even those of us that aren’t talking about it are, which is a pretty hardcore piece of Apple mind control if you think about it. Don’t think about it – that’s exactly what they want you to do.

But even though the thing doesn’t hit the streets for another week. there’s already some turmoil, about the new Lightning-to-Dock adapter. For a while over the past 24 hours, customers who ordered the phone direct from Apple’s site were told that an adapter (usually $30) would be chucked in for free. As shown here in this screengrab from Richard Gaywood.

apple adapter

Soon afterwards, that option disappeared, along with any mention of the phone coming bundled with the already-controversial adapter. Richard is waiting to see if his phone will be accompanied by the Lightning adapter – if it isn’t, he’s ready for WAR.

Meanwhile, here’s some Americans trying out what they think is the brand new, radically altered iPhone 5 in a vox pop on the Jimmy Kimmel show. The thing is, it’s a iPhone 4S that they’re all playing with. Polite, or just idiots?


  • J
    Maybe they were reserved for the first x amount of pre-orders today...? Maybe Apple felt like giving something back to the iCommunity? Maybe they have some overstock that needs shifting and want to palm them off on their customers? Whatever the reason it's their prerogative to give them out willy nilly if they feel like it. Sounds like Richard is pounced to throw a rather un-necessary bitch fit before anything has even gone wrong. Why would it matter anyway, he was ordering the phone regardless of it coming with additional crap or not. I really don't see the problem.
  • Spencer
    what's this about connectors? what?
  • LancerVancer
    GAYWOOD......GAY.....WOOD. I need to smoke some weed. I really hope that the Lightning-to-Dock adapter (what the fuck?!) comes with the flux capacitor built in cause that will cost the iTwats even more!! What a load of old shite.
  • Brandon H.
    I can see why people would think the 4s in the video is faster than their own, purely because a fresh out of the box one wouldn't be chocker full of user downloaded crap
  • Dick
    Good too see Hulk Hogan is still alive and kicking.

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