Now you can WAKE UP with Brian Blessed every morning

Do you find yourself afflicted by the fact that you regularly sleep through your alarm in the mornings? Jobs ruined? Relationships wrecked? Yep, it’s easily done. ONLY NOT ANY MORE! Not now that BRIAN BLOODY BLESSED can wake you up via your iPhone.

This app crept into the app charts over the past few days and is an absolute delight. Blessed, undoubtedly one of Britain’s finest and LOUDEST AC-TORS, has lent his considerable voice box to the Brian Blessed ALARM CLOCK - now out for iOS devices with an Android version to follow.



  • Me
    So this is what it feels like to be jealous of iPhone owners...
  • samuri
    Fuck No! kill it with Fire!
  • Rickytikkitavi
    Weird as, blipverts as well
  • Mike H.
    "Gordon's aliiiive?" "Hawkmen... DIIIIIIIVE!" So on and so forth...

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