Now you can turn your dog's dirty doings into free stuff!

If this appeared on Dragon’s Den, it would probably get laughed straight back down the stairs. But as it’s a New York-based innovation, it appears to be being taken seriously. It’s Poopons – the app-based scheme that will allow you to make savings as a result of your collection of dog turds. Hooray!

It works like this – you get your hands on one of the special Poopon crap-collection bags that are located in dog-walking spots of the city. Then, once you’ve deposited your, erm, dog’s fresh deposit into the bag, the warmth of the poo will make a barcode appear on your bag. Scan the code into your smartphone and you’ll get some points, points that can be translated into money-off coupons. How utterly delightful. Here – learn more.

Poopons from Ricky Anolik on Vimeo.

Don’t worry Bitterwalleteers – it’s just a parody, a silly old load of made-up pretendy. Although, to be honest, we’ve seen much in real life…


  • lumoruk
    Easier and quicker to kill all the dogs surely?
  • Brandon H.
    If the warmth reveals it, can i not grab a crapload of these bags and warm these with my hands. Or crap in em myself.
  • Boris
    Pa! It's all just a bag of shite.
  • Catweazle
    Poopons, my arse.
  • The B.
    Remember when you were kids (if you're old enough) and you'd take the bottle back to get the deposit, it's kinda like that, except with faecal matter.

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