Now you can leave the restaurant without asking for the bill


You know the feeling. When you’re sitting in a restaurant and you’ve eaten your food and you just want to leave. Unfortunately your waiter is ninety-eight and deaf, or is sydiously ignoring you and the longer you have to wait to GIVE THEM MONEY, the more angry and frustrated you get?

Well, there is now an app for that. Before you get too excited, it’s not some kind of waiter-taser, it’s an iPhone-only payment app, the first of it’s kind, being launched by PizzaExpress and Paypal.

Now, before your waiter has the chance to annoy you (any more) the free app will allow you to simply fiddle with you smartphone (which you were probably doing anyway) and Hey Presto!, you have paid for your Pizza Express meal- no need to even ask for the bill, let alone wait for it to arrive, and then grab the waiter AGAIN so you can actually pay it.

As soon as you’ve paid, you will get an electronic confirmation as a receipt and at the same time the restaurant’s till will also be sent a message, so the management knows that the customer is not ‘doing a runner’. Which we think spoils some of the fun.

In other dull news, the app also allows you to find and book a table, look at menus and store their special offers and receipts.

Payment can only be made via PayPal and will be available at 370 Pizza Express outlets where the company is also rolling out free wifi access.

And if this sounds like your dream come true, but you only have a nasty old Android phone, don’t despair. PizzaExpress are actually giving away some iPhone 4s  on their facebook page. Free. Obviously.

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  • Umm
    You still have to ask for the bill... because you need to enter a code from it to pay...

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