Now you can get live Beeb telly on your smartphone

If you’ve got a smartphone and fancy watching the BBC’s daytime telly offering on the quiet while you work, get yourself over to the beta site of Live TV – Heir Hunters is on now, with Murder She Wrote to follow very soon.

We're told that the new site streams live TV and radio to Wi-Fi-enabled smartphones like the Android G1 and Nokia N Series devices, although the Beta version doesn’t seem to be compatible with the iPhone just yet. The Beeb hopes to extend Live TV out to 3G networks and to add more channels throughout the coming months, but you’ll need an up-to-date TV licence to be able to watch it with a clear conscience.

With any luck, rival broadcasters will stick their oars in and have a go as well, and dull early morning work meetings can be livened up by everyone crowding around a mobile phone to watch slack-jawed reprobates trading insults and blows with each other on the Jeremy Kyle freak show.



  • Joff
    Is this available to N95 users? iPlayer worked a treat on the N95 until the BBC decided that users of this handset are too thick to realise they'd be charged for the data unless they used WiFi, so crippled it. N96 users are clever though, so no problems for them.
  • dan m.
    joff..why are u soo the damn article and research yourself!
  • Alex
    Doesn't work on the E71, gutted.
  • swampy_donkey
    Just to let you know if you are having troubles with this site and you have a Windows Mobile smartphone, then install a web browser call Skyfire, it works a treat. I've been enjoying iPlayer on the go for months using that nifty bit of software!
  • Amzmalhotra
    Doesnt work on my G1 but your article said it would!
  • SJT
    works on my Nokia 5800, but picture quality is pretty p*ss poor!
  • Mike H.
    Why why why why why! just WHY!
  • j
    @ swampy_donkey Skyfire is also available to Nokia N series mobiles as well - look in the downloads section of your phone, its completly free and works rather well
  • j
    just so long as you have a tv license!
  • Fred E.
    Doesn't work on my N85.
  • Anit
    Why is it not working on the G1? this sucks!!

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