Now WhatsApp are sharing data with Facebook, what are the alternatives?

whatsapp Facebook have owned WhatsApp for a while now, but they seemed sufficiently separate enough so that people didn't ditch the messaging app, over privacy concerns which should be present when Facebook are involved with anything.

Of course, the very fact WhatsApp is Facebook-owned should be enough, but now, according to a screenshot that is doing the rounds, you'll now be able to share data with Facebook from your WhatsApp app. You can assume that it'll be automatically ticked in the next update.

Now, WhatsApp are looking at adding video calling, document sharing, and all manner of new things. They of course, made their app free recently too.

Despite all that, people might be feeling increasingly uneasy with Facebook sniffing around them, which of course, they already do with the Messenger app.

Either way, if you're looking at ditching WhatsApp, because you don't like Facebook or just because you're after something else as an alternative in the event of an outage or whatever, here's some of the messaging apps you can try out.

Alternatives To WhatsApp

TelegramA lot of people are on Telegram these days, which is a great alternative to WhatsApp. One good feature is that you can destroy messages on a timer, if that's your bag, as well as send a host of media files, and set up chat groups and whatnot. Of all of the messaging apps out at the minute, this is one of the most popular, and well loved. Click here to get it.

Line - The biggest rival WhatsApp has, is Line, which allows you to send messages, send video, and make calls. It basically does everything you'd expect it to do. Get it here.

Viber - Viber is a very popular app, which was originally set up as a competitor to Skype. It is available on all the main systems, and there's a desktop version if that's something that'll sway things for you. Worth a gander. Download it here.

WeChat - Another extremely popular messaging and communications app is WeChat, who have half a billion people using it. It has group chats and all the usual things. Find it here.

Threema - If your main concern is security, then you should have a look at Threema, which likes to crow about such things. All the features you would expect from an app like this. We won't patronise you by going through them all again. Get at it here.

Also: There's Google's various offerings, Snapchat, sending people direct messages on Twitter, BBM, and Apple's iMessage... but you knew all about them already.


  • Riff R.
    No mention of BBM? For shame!
  • Raggedy
    "Also: There’s Google’s various offerings, Snapchat, sending people direct messages on Twitter, BBM, and Apple’s iMessage… but you knew all about them already." No mention of Twitter? For shame! :)

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