Now Nokia do a netbook. Nice.

Phone giants Nokia are on the brink of dipping their clogs into the murky netbook pool with this contraption, the Booklet 3G, which is set to be launched formally on September 2nd.

It may seem like a major jump from making phones to making computers, but is it really? Plus, when you consider that Nokia used to make paper and rubber goods (oo-er madam!) is it really a surprise that they’re boldly moving into a new territory? No. The answer is no.

Thing is, it’s not completely a netbook either – there are some major phone influences at play here. According to reports, it’s going to be 3G/HSPA-ready which will give you Internet access wherever you are without having a dongle hanging out of the side. Like many Nokia phones, it has an onboard GPS chop and pre-installed Ovi Maps. There’s even a SIM card slot which his hot swappable, as well as wi-fi and Bluetooth.

No word yet though on whether or not it has built-in sausage weight-estimation and rear-end dulling capabilities. Oh and don’t try holding it up to the side of your head and making a call with it, you tit.


  • boothy
    what is a gps chop? sounds tasty!
  • F.D. A.
    "which his hot swappable"... obviously spell checkers can't check that.
  • jah
    Not really a major jump at all? They've basically been making miniature mobile-network connected computers for many years, now they are just making them a bit bigger!
  • netbook2day
    Oh! Nokia have a netbook! From the phone maker to the computer maker.
  • Nokia R.
    No doubt Nokia is the best cell phone company.
  • Eunice M.
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