Now Galaxy Note 7 phones are overheating?

Galaxy Note 7 phones overheating?

Samsung have had a nightmare with the whole 'exploding battery' thing, concerning the Galaxy Note 7.

Well, there's reports that they're overheating now. Will it ever end?!

Over at the Wall Street Journal, they say that Samsung is “looking into consumer complaints" in the States and South Korea. It seems like people got replacement phones, through the Note 7 recall scheme, and they weren't able to make calls because they were so hot.

Samsung said: "There have been a few reports about the battery charging levels and we would like to reassure everyone that the issue does not pose a safety concern. In normal conditions, all smartphones may experience temperature fluctuations."

Temperature fluctuations are fine, but not when the phone you're using has a very recently history of setting on fire and you've just done a global recall.

David Lowes, Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung in Europe, said: "Our message of safety first is getting through to Galaxy Note 7 owners who are doing the right thing be exchanging for a new device quickly and safely."

"We have worked hard to bring replacement Galaxy Note 7 phones to Europe so we can ensure the safety of our customers and minimise their inconvenience."

Will there be another recall? Possibly. We'll have to see what Samsung find in their investigations, and they'll presumably be in touch.

Either way, this isn't great for Samsung.

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  • paulfoel

    Bought a HTC 10 last summer. Woke up one morning and phone was really hot. Charger cable appeared to have melted into charger socket - not good.

    So phone went back to HTC (I bought direct from them). At first, they were sympathetic and asked the incident had caused damage to property or any persons. So I waited and waited. 4 weeks went by. Eventually they emailed me - £300+ for repairs. Took me another few weeks and eventually I got an answer out of them - not covered by warranty due to physical damage to port. Quite astounding really when its obvious the port is damaged due to the initial problem.

    However, they don't seem to care. Almost 2 months now and its a case of £300 or we're not fixing your phone.

    Hope they're new model is better but I certainly won't touch them again with a barge pole!

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