Nokia/Windows Lumia link-up fails to set the world alight

_56288846_lumia Nokia have banked their long-term prospects on teaming up with Microsoft, but it hasn’t started well. Their new Lumia 800 handset, which went on sale last week is reportedly set to sell fewer handsets between now and Christmas than the iPhone 4S took in pre-orders in a single day.

Estimates by chin-stroking experts suggest that the Lumia will sell somewhere between 500,000 and a million units by Christmas, stats that don’t stack up all that well against the latest Apple phone, which did over a million in pre-orders in a single day.

Further proof that Nokia might have well and truly had it comes when you compare the Lumia projections with the sales of the Nokia N8 – that smartphone sold between 3.5 and 4 million in its first quarter.

Any of you got your hands on a Lumia 800? Want to tell us about it? Anyone ever seen the Beast of Bodmin while we’re asking?


  • Mike H.
    "What do I have to do to make people like me?!" Sobbed Bill Gates slumped in a corner with only his pants for company.
  • Geoff
    I upgraded to this phone from an iPhone 3g and I am amazed at how bloody good it is. I had planned yo sell it on and keep using the iPhone but I am now selling the iPhone as it's a great fast phone to use. I wish they would advertise the phone more as once you try this new windows phone system you will love it when before I thought it was terrible going by past history of windows phones.
  • Broken W.
    Nokia & Windows, like two losers in the corner of the pub, no one wants to be seen with them.
  • Alexis
    I recall the advert didn't actually demonstrate any features. It was just people being daft, so the message really was that this is the phone for you if you're a bit of a berk.
  • Alex
    The advert was the worst one I have seen in a while. I imagine it is a good phone, but just think what nokia could have done with android!
  • David
    Nothing to see here. It's not a real iphone, you see.
  • Jonathan
    A big chunk of those iPhone sales will have been in the US, where you can't get the Nokia. You could also argue that this is going from something of a standing start too (the Windows Phone platform and Lumia range), while the iPhone 4S is riding the crest of the hype from previous iPhones. Bottom line is that anyone expecting sales akin to the 4S was kidding themselves.
  • Barely B.
    Meanwhile in another part of town “Lumia 800 sales in the U.K. are off to an excellent start,” “Based on earliest data, the sales start of the Lumia 800 is the best ever first week of Nokia smart phone sales in the U.K. in recent history,” . “By our measures, we have gained significant smartphone sell-out share in the channels in which we are operating in the U.K.,” Nokia spokesman James Etheridge said. “While it is not our policy to disclose individual product sales figures outside our quarterly financial results, we feel there has been premature sales analysis on the performance of the Lumia 800,” Etheridge said........
  • Avon B.
    "Lumia 800 sales in the U.K. are off to an excellent start" Compared to the Acme Toad-Sexing Kit, also launched on the same day.
  • The B.
    "By our measures, we have gained significant smartphone sell-out share in the channels in which we are operating in the U.K." So hold on, you were selling sweet FA smartphones and now you're selling some? Hardly blowing rival manufacturers out of the water is it?
  • Phil
    To be honest not surprised. It was £400 PAYG - You can get pretty much any other phone apart from the Iphone 4s for less. Why would you go for an unproven OS when you can get a decent android for £200-300 (or an original iphone 4 if you have a need for a half eaten fruit logo)?
  • Sicknote
    Maybe and I'm only saying maybe here - if they gave Windows phones away with Happy Meals I'd get one.
  • Mark C.
    Had a play with one - very nice piece of kit, beautifully designed, distinctive and feels as solid as the early Nokias did, plus the touchscreen works very nicely. However I suspect they haven't done themselves huge favours by going with Microsoft rather than Android.
  • Tim
    Lumia - just one phone in a vast array of products, each with many variants. Nokia never really have one specific phone they ever pin everything to. iPhone - just one phone in a small number of variants. Small manufacturer, sells big but is still way behind Nokia in terms of mobile sales. Not saying that one is better than the other, but comparing chalk with cheese here really. For Nokia to succeed with Win Phone they need lots of products using it with a wide variety of options and price ranges appealing to all markets, many operators, cheap and expensive, around the world. Fewer sales individually for each product, but far more phones sold overall. This isn't what Apple is about. Apple make do with dedicated markets of relatively affluent and loyal customers, small number of products and limited choice, hence they need big sales per product.
  • Alan
    I think Windows phone is pretty good, at least they've tried to do something different, with a few more updates/tweaks and it'll be a real contender. Plus it's nice to have choices when it comes to an OS. ( I really don't like Android, so it's good to have a choice between iOS and WP) What Microsoft really need it a 'killer' phone and the Nokia Lumia isn't it. It looks nice but it's missing several key features which make it seem almost rushed out to meet a deadline, and at the end of a 24 month contract it's going to look quite dated. The hardware will sell the OS, (I want a new phone, and I want a windows phone, but I'm not signing a new contract untill I can get a nice bit of kit) so Microsoft need to get their manufacturing partners, give them a kick up the arse and tell them to stop being so 'safe' trying to copy or make a variation of the iphone and come up with something new, better and revolutionary.
  • Dave
    Typical response from iPhone users I upgraded from an iPhone 4 to the lumia and the lumia is by far a better phone, better camera, battery life, easier to use, looks better. Unless you have tried the lumia out why make silly comments.
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