Nokia's vision of augmented reality - really worth a look?

This isn't augmented reality as we've discussed in the past. In fact we're not sure what this is, short of another excuse for being bone bleeding idle. It's a depressingly apathetic rendering of our future from Nokia, in which we need only roll our eyes to browse online, while communicating solely through emoticons with a boyfriend who has a penchant for stating the bleeding obvious:

Of course it's only make-believe, but it's all a little redundant isn't it? The examples of augmented reality we've seen to date all do what they say on the tin - they enrich our experience of our immediate surroundings and situation. There's no doubt this is very cool - but when even the conceptual design only lets you reply to messages with a smiley face, you've got to wonder what the point is.

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  • ball_sack
  • Steff
  • bortek
    What if can't read?
  • Lumoruk
    You'll have to install the text to speak application bortek
  • Lumoruk
    There's also the speech to text application for the nokia as well, why they didn't use this I don't know
  • bortek
    augmented reality complicated
  • Mark M.
    Boyfriend is a control freak! Imagine the advert if the genders were reversed - he'd be cracking one off to porn on the glasses just before being caught by his GF!
  • numberwang
    what a load of balls
  • Jase
    Haha....what a crock of shit. What hand gesture does she do exactly to open those messages? And in everyday life, who would honestly trade their laptop for some ghastly pair of glasses? Watching the Minority Report and other sci-fi shows...I've never really got the transparent screen thing. I want opaque, because 9 times out of 10 the shit behind the screen will either effect my ability to see its content, or just outright distract me.
  • Nokia R.
    No doubt Nokia is the best cell phone company.

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