Nokia's OVI Store - "Would you like a Hannah Montana screen-saver?"

More App Store related nonsense, but this time it's nothing to do with Apple, you lucky people. This animation is based on some poor bastard's attempt to purchase an app from Nokia's OVI Store:

It's worth a read through the comments after the animation too, because you'll soon discover this type of interaction with OVI is seemingly par for the course. The oddest "feature" of all; licenses for apps from the Ovi Store are locked to the handset, rather than a user's account or even their SIM. You could spend a lot of money on apps, lose your handset and all your purchases along with it. Rubbish.

[The Really Mobile Project]


  • iGimp
    Its not an iPhone FTW!
  • Alan C.
    Too be honest Nokia don't make it very easy for developers to get their apps/games up on the store either :( A small developer has to pay hundreds if not thousands of pounds to get certified even if the app is free. Google(Android) charges £10 and the app will be live about 30 seconds after we publish it, Apple (iPhone) charge about 50£ and the app is live 35-7 days after submission. Microsoft and Sony Ericsson both fall closer to Nokia with MS asking a fee from the developer every time we want to publish an update .
  • Gunn
    Yeah Alan that keeps a lot of the shit software off those devices.
  • Ben S.
    I am that 'poor bastard'... and a long-time Bitterwallet reader. Thanks for link :-)
  • Tim
    What gets me is how much crap ends up on Ovi. How they can afford those fees and yet churn out such rubbish, and then the certification doesn't seem to check for simple things like whether the app is malware (as one was discovered phoning home to a premium number for example). The quality of most the apps really are rubbish and are of the tacky screensaver variety. And yet the best apps by Nokia themselves (e.g. Nokia Sports Tracker) aren't even on there!

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