Nokia's 41Mp camera phone is ignored by UK mobile providers

700-nokia-808-pureview-white-portrait We were recently dazzled beyond all logic and reason by Nokia’s brand new 41-megapixel camera phone, the 808 PureView, amazed by the 41-megapixelness of the camera, affording potential users a mind-blowing photography experience. Actually, we weren’t – we thought it was an unnecessary load of old bollocks.

It seems as though the mobile providers kind of agree with us as well – O2, T-Mobile, Orange and Vodafone have all said that they won’t be offering the handset in the UK, although they’re not believed to be pointing the finger at the handset’s supercamera as being the reason.

Wired UK have been ‘led to believe’ by a ‘source close to O2’ that it was the presence of the phone’s Symbian OS, rather than the camera, that was the guiding factor behind their decision. Symbian used to be ‘cool’ but now it’s pretty much regarded as a ‘pile of shite’. Even Nokia themselves are turning away from it, hooking up with Microsoft and their sexy Windows Phone OS.

So there you go. Nice camera Nokia, but you dicked it all up with the software. Now get back to your burning platform…


  • mogsog
    This is sad, if nokia just adopted android like every other phone manufacturer I would not have to see one of my favourite phone companies crumbling to the ground. Everybody I know hates windows mobile and regrets their purchase. When nokia teamed up with MS it was the nail in the coffin. 41mp is a sodding joke as well, if I am passionate about photography I'll buy a SLR.
  • You
    You know me and ive got windows phone and dont regret it. Its much, much better than Iphone - the only proble is that every app, every sound dock and everything ever is designed for iphone. MS should pay a massive wedge of money to all the app developers and speaker manufacturers and get the same amount of kit out for Windows phone and i genuinely think it is a better piece of kit. Still no one will buy it tho because it doesnt cost 700 quid and have a pretty apple on it.
  • Sicknote
    Nokia......loud yawning sound...... That is all.
  • Sawyer
    @mogsog I haven't tried WP7, but thank god Nokia didn't choose Android. Never has the phone market been so boring - go into a phone shop and there's nothing but a wall of touchscreen slabs running the same OS. It might be crap, but at least give me the choice of something else.
  • Bob
    You do realise there is a Windows Phone 8 version due before Christmas. A bit pointless selling this version as it is dead before it's released.
  • moss
    you do realise that the reason its on symbian is because none of the other phone OSs could suppor the camera. shows how much dev has gone into symbian.
  • ronnie r.
    yeah! Well said Moss. Up yer pumpers Hamdroid and Crapple fangina boys, yeah!
  • dangleberry
    ever thought it could be becuase it looks shit ?
  • me

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