Nokia unveil the 41Mp phone - we wonder why

Just how many megapixels are too many in a camera phone? Ten? Twelve? Maybe. How about FORTY ONE? Hmmm…

That’s what the new 808 PureView phone from Nokia is packing, along with Carl Zeiss optics and a new pixel oversampling technology. It says here. You’ll also get 1080p video recording and playback if you invest in one of these, which is yet to have pricing or a release date in the UK, although it’ll be available in various other ‘territories’ later this month. Here it is.


More tech stats - the 808 PureView has a 4” Gorilla Glass capacitive touchscreen with a 640 x 360 resolution, it’s powered by a 1.3GHz processor which runs Nokia's Symbian Belle OS, and has 16GB of internal storage (with another 32GB available with the help of a Micro SD card). Oh, don’t forget the Bluetooth 3.0, an HDMI port, DLNA and NFC support. And you get a free sticker with a picture of a sausage on it. No you don’t.

In essence, it seems like a monster of a lightweight, portable camera with a phone hidden away somewhere inside it. All sounds a bit niche to us – is it REALLY the kind of thing that will help drag Nokia out of its slump?



  • Alexis
    6 megapixels is fine for A4 prints. 41mp is utterly pointless, especially when coupled with a piddly hole in a box instead of a proper lens.
  • The B.
    41MP + 16GB Ram, so they've obviously worked out some amazing new compression then, one that will compress 41mp photos to 5MB or so and won't put any extra strain on the processor and thus the battery?
  • Mike H.
    Put Nokia on the Deathwatch. What the fuck is the point of 41mp? even for HD video, you only need 2mp! The camera will probably only take in compressed jpg rather than in RAW so there is not 1 single point of a 41mp camera. Nokia are desparate.
  • Mike H.
  • Dai
    No sausage picture sticker? no sale.
  • klingelton
    can anyone name one good reason nokia have made this thing? there can't be many people in the world dumb enough to fall for the marketing hype... can there? bye bye nokia!
  • nicestor08
    Wow! I want one apparently, so I'm told, 41Mp is a awesome! I'm putting a deal on HUKD the second this shit's released.
  • Mike H.
    You only need 2Mp for HD. Why the fuck, would you need another 39Mp?
  • Nob b.
    @the real bob 16GB Ram? Twat!
  • bob
    I will get the Windows Phone 8 version when it's released in the last quarter.
  • Mike H.
    He said Ram, not RAM. It comes complete with a goat. TWAT!
  • James
    what a pointless idea, poor processor speed and no android. I'm out!
  • Jim B.
    Symbian? Id rather DIE!
  • dunkjf
    negative press kills the best mobile os, if i want functionality i use symbian if i want a shallow os with nice transitions i use ios/android, its like the vhs betamax tragedy of the 80's! Wake up fanboys....
  • 80's F.
    ffnnnnnggg... Say what?
  • Kevin N.
    Symbian? Isn't that one of those sit on vibrators?
  • The B.
    Oh no, I forgot to put an acronym in caps, how foolish of me, I will of course immediately kill myself, let me just finish fecking you dad in the arse and get your mum to lick the sh1t off my c0ck first, she loves that, as you well know.
  • Mike H.
    I got your back Bob.
  • Aran
    41 MP on a 640 x 360 screen... What's the point? At least make the screen close to HD. #diealready
  • George L.
    Great! I'm going to remake Star Wars with one of these beauties.
  • George L.
    It will not be shit.* * It will be shit.
  • CAN
    This doesn't store 41mp photos, it takes a 41mp photo and keeps the best bits making a 5mp photo. @Kevin Nelmes Yes Symbian is a sit on vibrator
  • Jo D.
    I am going to remake my classic "Innerspace" with one of these. When I see somebody use one I will shove it up their arse.
  • Jo D.
    It will be shit* *literally shit
  • PeeCeePeePee
    @the real bob 16GB Ram? Bellend.
  • Boris
    Rams bellend? Keep it away from me.
  • Mof G.
  • The B.
    Yawn, is it half term already?
  • PeeCeePeePee
    No, just half-baked typing before thinking on your part. **reply spoiler alert!!!** And leave the keyboard away from the oven!
  • John I.
    Stop moaning, you miserable luddite bastards. The main point behind having such a powerful sensor is to make digital zoom actually worth bothering with, simple as that. It's a step up, and should be lauded as such.
  • Dick
    It is probably a .41 Mp camera, and the resolution of the photos taken on it is so shit that you cannot see the decimal point.
  • spencer
    In answer to anybody that's struggling to find a reason... here it is: Progress. There we go. That wasnt so bad was it.
  • The P.
    Oh dear.
  • The P.
    Yes dear?
  • William's s.
    That sounds friggin' awesome man.
  • What h.
    My computer has 1TB Ram.
  • Anzaz
    Compatible with the Esper Photo Analysis machine in Blade Runner, that's its only use, surely!!!
  • The d.
    16GB ram???? What the hell is this dude talking about? LMAO
  • Paul V.
    I am going to remake my classic “Showgirls” with one of these. It will be shit, but think... tits in 41 mega pixels*
  • Paul V.
    TITS IN 41 Mega pixels!

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