Nokia telling fibs in 920 commercial

6 September 2012

Oh dear. Nokia have been promoting their 920 smartphone and boasted about the new technology in it. Sadly for them, they've not covered their tracks enough and have been rumbled as telling porky pies.

Nokia uploaded a video of two cyclists, showing off the phone's 'PureView' technology, which basically eliminates shaky hands and provides a smoother video.

However, a reflection in the video shows that the footage was actually recorded by a professional camera crew, not by the smartphone itself. Nokia have held their hands up and said that the video was not recorded using its smartphone and changed the description on the demonstration.



  • Nikey H.
  • Hokey N.
  • Jeebus
    Elop, what a twat he is.
  • Sicknote
    Good to see bitterwallet giving us the same old several day old news
  • Dick
    Don't they just have to say "actual footage not shot on our shit device" in really tiny text to get away with it?
  • boing
    Does the link go to CBBC because the "grown-up" BBC version is deemed too advanced for us readers?
  • Personal M.
    [...] Nokia Telling Fibs In Its 920 Commercial [Bitter Wallet] The truth squad strikes again! Mof has spotted some critical flaws in Nokia’s commercial for its latest smartphone, “Sadly for them, they’ve not covered their tracks enough and have been rumbled as telling porky pies.” Click over to read about the fibs – and share your reaction on how the company should handle it. [...]

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