Nokia point and giggle at Apple's silly new phone

5kv What about the iPhone 4 eh? All that time and effort that went into developing it and it turns out it doesn’t work so good if you erm, hold it.

It’s an utterly laughable state of affairs but fortunately, rival mobile manufacturers have sympathised with Apple and haven’t used the glitch as an excuse to make sneery fun at their expense.

Well, apart from Nokia that is. Their official blog includes a feature called ‘How do you hold your Nokia?’ and as you’d expect, it shows lots of different methods for holding your Nokia without it malfunctioning.

Oh, cheeky Nokia! (Bitterwallet ruffles Nokia’s hair playfully)


  • Jim P.
    And of course Nokia themselves have issued an advisory about exactly the same problem happening with their phones.........
  • Phil
    It seems Nokia forgot about the Ngage and its fantastic method of holding the phone
  • The B.
    Ah, but can you type things with your ear on a Nokia, you can on an iPhone 4:
  • Meh
    Quite funny that Nokia said they weren't at all worried or threatened by the iPhone when it was first announced, and yet now they're having cheap digs at a phone that is a massive mobile success. Oh well. When the software update from Apple fixes the glitch, they will all be forced to eat their unnecessary words.
  • Martin
    @Meh - How will a software update correct the fact that the antenna is part of the case and the signal is blocked by holding it normally like?
  • Mr G.
    The Nokia E71 gets a dip in reception in some circumstances if you hold it normally: you have to take a little bit of care not to cover the lower plastic "window" in the metal back of the phone. This was a big deal in some places online when it was first discovered. I have an E71 - you soon get used to it, unless your some form of pre-human, knuckle-dragging hominid ape. From the way I've heard it described it sounds like all you need to do is stick some sellotape on one corner to stop it shorting out. I'm sure Apple will sell some tape for another £50

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