No more random reviews on Google Play?

google-play You've been on Google Play weighing-up an app to download, and you decide to check the reviews. One random user says 'OMG this is th most amazin thing EVA', while another says 'Perfect - this app improves my mobile experience no end!'

You then spend your time wondering whether the reviewer is thick or works for the app, thereby becoming hugely untrustworthy.

Of course, these user reviews aren't wholly helpful and Google appear to be concerned about it all too, saying that developers are now prohibited from using testimonials within their apps' descriptions at the Google Play Store.

"Please do not include user testimonials in your app description. They tend to be dubious and are frequently utilized to include references to popular search terms and competitor apps in violation of the policies outlined here. Let your users speak for themselves via Play's comment review system," reads an update to Google's developer guidelines.

So, while that means there'll still be odd reviews, at least developers won't be able to use them in testimonials. Google wants to put a stop on developers artificially inflating their apps' standings in Google Play search listings because, well, manipulating search results is Google's job, right?

"To help ensure the best experience for Android users, Google Play policies prohibit the publication of spam. Please do not publish unwanted, deceptive, repetitive, or irrelevant content on Google Play. Not only will it lower your app's rating and cause negative reviews, it can result in your app being suspended or your developer account being terminated," add Google.

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