No 4G in stupid Britain 'til 2015

A dog near some 4G, last week

Hey! You! Have you been looking forward to getting super-fast mobile data? Well, if you live in Britain, you probably won't ever get it as, once again, any date expected as been pushed back - AGAIN.

Latest reports and plans reckon that we won't be getting a 4G network until 2015, by which time, everywhere else will probably have 5G.

In its draft annual plan for 2012/2013, Ofcom slapped any hopes we had of a 4G network in 2012 clean into the sea. The report suggests that the roll-out of 4G mobile services will begin in 2013/14 and that "wide availability" will be achieved in 2015.

The 4G spectrum was going to be auctioned off to network providers at some point next year, but that got pushed back to 2013. If they all start bickering and whining, 2015 could be pushed back as well.

For now, we'll just have to keep being jealous of everyone in America who is currently enjoying really fast data on their phones.



  • Tim
    Depends what you call 4G. America mostly has what T-Mobile calls 4G ( HSDPA+) but isn't technically considered true 4G, and as always it's in big cities where you get it. Current LTE and Wimax rollouts are technically 3G also. UK has HSDPA+ from Three, so we could claim we already have 4G if T-Mobile US does (but Three says it's 3G, which is correct). And anyway, real use results in US are a fraction of advertised speeds. 3G is much the same here and over there, more like dial up most of the time.
  • Delenn
    Well said Tim. 4G is now a sales term in the US, rather than an actual agreed spec which 3G is. I would be happy if I could get a good coverage of HSDPA all the time, rather than dropping back to GPRS at the slightest thing.
  • Mike H.
    I love dogs, especially with a little chilli sauce.

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