NissanConnect EV app disabled thanks to security flaw

nissan-leaf app It is all very well having promises of a car that will charge your house up, but the Nissan Leaf has problems to sort out regarding safety first.

If you have a Nissan LEAF or an eNV200 electric vehicle, the car-maker has pulled the NissanConnect EV app (the thing that used to be called CarWings) over safety issues. This week, Nissan deactivated the app after they "found the dedicated server for the app had an issue that could enable the temperature control and other telematics functions to be accessible via a non-secure route."

This all came about after Troy Hunt, a researcher, found that you could remotely access vehicles without ownership verification. You could access the app just by putting a vehicle identification number (VIN) in.

As usual with big companies, Nissan were told about this a while ago, but didn't do anything about it for a while. Either way, Nissan are trying to sort it out now.

"No other critical driving elements of the Nissan LEAF or eNV200 are affected," said a Nissan rep to Mashable. "The only functions that are affected are those controlled via the mobile phone."

So, don't be thinking a hacker can drive your car around all by itself or any nonsense like that. They might make your car really, really warm though. Either way, Nissan have said that they're going to relaunch the app, all updated, soon enough.

As more and more car manufacturers eye up apps and interactivity with phones, security is going to have to get beefed-up and more robust, or else there's going to be trouble.

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