NHS approved health apps are full of security flaws

nhs-logo A study by app security crew Arxan, has found that all of the NHS-approved apps they look at, were full of weaknesses and security flaws. Bad news, especially for those relying on them during the junior doctor strike (there's more strikes to come).

This is a problem across the globe, with Arxan testing a number of apps, with over 80% of those tested being approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the NHS.

For those who are techie, and know about these things, the apps lacked binary protection against code tampering, and most of them didn't have sufficient protection in the transport layer.

If you're not techie, these problems could result in a number of things, but the two you're most likely to care about are privacy violations, and data theft.

For those of you who think it doesn't affect you, because you have an iPhone, bad news - the audit showed that iOS apps were as vulnerable as Android apps. If you're on Android, the thing to do is beef up your device's security, and handily, we've got a guide which you can have a look at right here. If you're on Apple, you're probably not reading this as you're operating under the assumption that things like this don't concern you.

Anyway, if you want more information on this, you can have a look at Arxan’s study here. And if you're really keen, you can read their paper which looks at the healthcare side of the study, where they explain their findings and whatnot, by clicking here.

Now. Go sort out your phone's security, especially if you've been looking up illnesses on various apps, and are now convinced you've got some terminal disease, when in fact, it is a cold.

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  • Jessie J.
    Gov apps and websites = utter shite. Always have always will. Wear my hat low, like you.

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