New update for iPhone and new handset for Summer?

While Steve Jobs is away, Apple will play. Or maybe they won't. Or perhaps they will. Maybe. Regardless, the rumours coming out of SXSWi in Austin, Texas this week suggest that the iPhone and iPod Touch are about to get souped up with the latest firmware release, with some mythical text-editing function called Take Out & Put Back In Someplace Else.

One of the biggest criticisms of Apple by customers in recent years, has been the lack of cut and paste when using email and text functions on the iPhone and Touch. It's a basic function that existed in Windows 95, so why the hell was it never part of iPhone 1.0? Jobs was never a fan, insisting there were other priorities to address, but now Digg's Kevin Rose has told crowds at SXSW that it will be part of the iPhone 3.0 update announced later today.

Other possibilities include MMS support, text message forwarding, USB tethering and full Bluetooth capability, although as in previous announcements, expect there to be a similar chance of Apple announcing a screensaver with live sea monkeys. You'll find out if any, some or none of these rumours are true from 5pm tonight.

Meanwhile, according to TechRadar, a Summer launch of a new iPhone handset is looking almost certain; one source suggests O2 will start giving the 3G handset away free on all contracts up to £45, although it doesn't ay if this will be the 8GB or 16GB version. This happened last year before the launch of the 3G handset, in order to clear old stock quickly in preparation for the shiny.



  • blackgerbil1
  • paul
    It existed in windows 3.1 and probably long before that as well...
  • chrisg.
    You just know there will be a euphemism for copy and paste... "Take Out & Put Back In Someplace Else." is quite funny but not anywhere near the mark. "Text Transmogrifier" or "iType" or "Missive Manipulator" What else can you expect from the corporation that renamed "backup" to Time Machine?
  • James R.
    Sure, it's not a case if there's a new ifone but more when will it arrive. While Apple keep pumping out product refreshes every six month they'll always be lemmings waiting to spend thier cash to be the latest Apple clone. ......BORING.......!
  • Liam
    A new SDK for devs me thinks for more powerful games on the new iPhone. There is much talk on Apple using a new processor in the phone, so maybe they may release info on that.
  • jjgreen
    wow cut & paste comes to Apple iphone - what will those boffins think of next ?
  • N E.
    @Chrisg and you know they'll make it sound like we should be thankful to them for coming if with this ingenious idea.
  • joff's m.
    so im assuming this update will affect the original iphone as well as 3g ooops i just came
  • Pizza_D_Action
    Quote: blackgerbil1 "1st" WTF?
  • magicjay
  • bellabonkers
    pizza-d-action, Blackgerbil is a forum troll on HUKD. Everyone hates him as he is complete twat, and we all wish he'd fuck off and die. :)
  • O2 B.
    [...] we reported earlier in the week, O2 is giving away the iPhone 3G for free on contract. It may appear to be a selfless move, but [...]
  • Ella L.
    The cpu is labeled as a little newer design number however it and also the GPU are likely the same pace since the 3GS. The old Contact with the similar CPU and GPU as the 3G was quicker. Apart from having the clock pace turned up greater the Contact has much less software programs to run because it

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