New Samsung Galaxy Tab pulled after Apple legal action

samsung-galaxy-tab_1920430b If you got your hands on the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 when it was launched last week, you’re one of a select band. That’s because Apple’s lawyers have been stamping their massive injunction boots all over and it now lies smashed to bits.

Apple claim that the latest version of the Galaxy infringes on its intellectual property and the elders in the The Regional Court of Dusseldorf think they’ve got a point and have granted a temporary injunction that reaches across the whole of Europe (except, for some reason, the Netherlands).

Samsung can appeal against the judgement but not for at least four weeks, which will come as a huge blow to them as some retailers have reportedly said it was the fastest-selling tablet since the iPad 2.

Apparently the order doesn’t cover Samsung’s planned launch of a 8.9 Galaxy Tab, which is due to hit the shops in a few day’s time, but don’t rule out a similar injunction against that once it becomes available.


  • Russ
    Oh come on Apple, you're ahead of everyone else in the tablet market so just continue to innovate and make better products and stop being a whiny little ***** They have a whole office full of lawyers, if they put all that money into the products instead of suing people the world would be a better place.
  • Raoul M.
    This despite the fact that Apple's "innovation" consists of looking at what you can do with the Android OS and then incorporating it into iOS updates 6 months later? What a shower of wankers.
  • Zleet
    Apple, was there really the need to confirm to everybody just how big a bunch of petty cunts you can be?
  • StauntonLick
    Jobs is rapidly descending into cartoon Mr. Burns territory - I can imagine him with a cadre of lawyers permanently housed in a secret cabinet in his office. I've got an iPod and iPad and they're ruddy great - however, I agree with HTC's comments that Apple should compete in the marketplace, not in the courts. I think the problem stems from the fact that Apple seem to have been granted patents for some ludicrously non-specific technologies and UI designs (such as looking for phone numbers in text and allowing them to be clicked to start a call) which makes it incredibly hard for other manufacturers to work around them. Overall this is detrimental to the entire market, as it leads to a fragmented set of UI patterns for each different manufacturer - hardly helping the consumer at the end of the day.
  • Chunkygeek
    Hold on, Samsung has copied Apple with its phone design, series 3 laptops, Galaxy Tab 10.1 and smart case, but somehow Apple are the bad guys for defending their intellectual property? I'm not sure I understand that logic? Samsung even went as far as scrapping the original design of the 10.1 to copy the iPad 2!
  • stu
    @Chunkygeek EXACTLY. Samsung have it has been agreed by an independent court of law copied Apples designs and intellectual property! Apple in effect HAVE to do what they have done. The reason being if they DONT then any future copies that are even more blatant would then be allowed because Apple could be shown as not defending these patents/properties etc! Its how patent law works if you dont defend a patent against sone infringing party you then basically give up the rights to ever do so again. Also people moaning at apple to innovate instead of go the legal route... If samsung had innovated instead of copied Apple wwouldn'tHAVE to go the legal route.
  • Zleet
    @Chunkygeek Touchscreen phones existed before the iphone and tablet devices are essentially just flatscreen monitors you can carry around so I doubt Apple invented that shape either. These big companies are always trying to sue each other for the stupidest of reasons and it does nothing but make them all look like twats.
  • StauntonLick
    @stu, Chunkygeek I agree that Apple has a right to defend it's IP, but their aggressive stance on patenting their developments can only lead to problems down the line when tablets are more widespread and developers try to agree on a set of cross-platform UI standards. It's hard enough developing for mobile these days (what with hundreds of different combinations of OSs, screen sizes, processors, etc) without adding extra hurdles in the form of patents that need to be avoided, especially when these patents seem to be fairly loosely defined. Apple are becoming, in the eyes of the public, the "evil empire" of modern electronics - things like the Foxconn suicides, and their Scientology-esque reliance on lawyers are damaging public perception - is it better to perhaps leave off the legal action a little in order to appear a "friendlier" company in the eyes of consumers? Sorry, I realise this is a bit in-depth for my normal contribution, so: WTF IS DIS REAL???
  • Chunkygeek
    @StauntonLick I think by and large its actually Samsung who is coming across badly in all of this. They are blatantly ripping off Apples designs with more than one product line. Apples stance on patents is not any more aggressive than any other company or individual as the process is precisely the same. Foxconn was media hyperbole, the suicide rate there is actually quite low per capita. Foxconn employs just under a million people. Most european countries have a higher suicide rate per capita.
  • Dick
    So were apple the first with a tablet PC? No, so they have blatently ripped off others designs and product lines.
  • Zleet
    If you read the basis of the suit it's that the tablet devices look similar. They both have flat screens as have pretty much every other electronic device for the last five years so that fact decides it's form. What exactly do the courts in Germany expect Samsung to do, make it a fucking cube? Things could get awkward if recent news is true that Apple need a new supplier for screens after repeated faults with the LG ones on the Ipad 2, seeing as how Samsung are the other major screen supplier.
  • Tweedskin
    When you can no longer innovate, litigate.
  • TechLogon
    What next, sue Tesco for defamation because they sell 'Cox' Apples? Hope Samsung win the appeal and counter-sue for their losses - should be pretty substantial after such a successful launch.

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