New Microsoft Lumia effort due next week

21 May 2014

nokia lumia 630 Microsoft have announced that the new Nokia Lumia will be released on May 29th.

Priced at just £90, the Lumia 630 will be the first handset to launch with Windows 8.1, and Microsoft reckon it can handle its own among the fancy-dans of the high end phone set.

The phone sports a 4.5in 854 x 480 ClearBlack screen, a matte polycarbonate body and swappable shells. Its processor is a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 clocked at 1.2GHz, back up by 512MB of RAM, while the rear-facing camera has a 5MP sensor. The 8GB of storage is expandable by a further 128GB.


The 630 will be available in a range of colours and will be available from retailers (there is a list of names, which is basically 'people who sell phones bar Apple').

With the palavers surrounding unstable old Windows 8, Microsoft and Nokia of late, this seems like it could be either sheer lunacy or the start of an exciting new telecommunication future for all.

Or an affordable phone you can replace should you drop it down a toilet or accidentally throw into a threshing machine.

With the new Moto G going for £89, it seems there's going to be some hot competition at the lower end of the price scale for mobile shoppers.


  • Alexis
    We've gone through 2 Lumias in 6 months. You just need to look at it to crack the screen.
  • jokester4
    Microsoft/Nokia are miracle workers!!! They have taken one of the worst phones available and made it even worse... In all seriousness, Windows 8 is still too simplistic and lacks various features found on other handsets. Not to mention the unprecedented unreliability - my workplace uses various Lumia models and honestly we have to send about 50% of them back as they keep failing.
  • Brian s.
    I've no idea what you lot are doing to your phones. I've had a lumia 925 since the day it was launched in the UK. It slid off the roof of a Ford Mondeo a few days later onto a concrete driveway and the only damage was a dent in the side of the plastic case. They're fine phones. Not sure what features they're missing - have everything an iPhone has but oh no, woe is me, there aren't a trillion angry birds and flappy bird clones to buy on their online app store. Bummer eh.
  • shakesheadsadly
    The missus has a nokia... something. An old one running windows 7. It is crippled by needing to be connected to zune for downloading pictures or anything! Also, despite giving it to O2 for an entire day, it is still incapable of sending or recieving MMS messages. Is the Zune thing still a requirement in 8.1? That said, she get's on really well with the interface. And having a 2 year old, it's been dropped, throw, chewed on, you name it, and it's always been fine. This is tempting. Well, it would be if I could find it off contract anywhere...

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