New iPhone UK release date - Friday 25 June?

Apple are due to launch the new iPhone today, just after 6pm, and we have a scrap of news concerning what will be announced. And while it seems thoroughly churlish to preempt an announcement that's barely three hours away, we're rarely known for being on our best behaviour.

We've been told that the new handset, which we still don't know the official title of, has a current delivery date to retailers in this country of Wednesday 23rd June. This would likely mean a UK release for the new iPhone on Friday 25 June.

There is a moon-sized caveat slapped all over this information, in that it only comes from one anonymous source. That said, we've been able to verify their identity by other means, and believe the individual is very well placed to know the exact details of the situation.


  • Next-Gen [.
    [...] site claims to have insider information which points to the next-generation iPhone, whatever it may be called officially, hitting UK retail [...]
  • speedski
    yay a new phone for clones to buy which doesn't do what a Nokia did three years ago. Oh let me get my grand out for that bad boi...
  • Chris
    As a current iPhone 3GS owner, working part time for £10k/yr, and will ONLY use Windows and barf at the thought of using MacOS... I can fully admit to the many of the iPhones flaws but for me the pro's far than outweigh the cons. Hardware wise the phone is nothing special though has been built well and feels solid. The camera is crap, videos are acceptable but not great. I have my iPhone jailbroken and it's the software that makes it what it is. There are so many games and apps I can get on the iPhone which literally transform what it can do, which simply cannot be done (or done as well) on other phone platforms. Some reasons why I remain faithful for the iPhone and not a cruddy WinMO 6.5/7. Android is still way behind in terms of it's apps/games offerings though admittedly it's a great OS. Peggle, AngryBirds, Fieldrunners, RealRacing, ZenBound, Air Video, Plants Vs Zombies, etc etc. Again it's the OS & Game/App developers that make the iPhone what it is. Yes it lacks features a 5yr old Nokia has, but it can do many other things through apps or jailbroken tweaks/fixes/hacks/features. I am by no means an iPhone fanboi, but I hate the "anti-anything-Apple fanbois" which you clearly are, speedski...
  • James D.
    I really want to say something on this subject but I fear the moderates will IP ban me again.
  • James D.
  • Rich
    Also speedski like you have a grand! Nokia boy!
  • Harry
    If you're on a current 3GS Contract with O2, do they let you upgrade to the new iPhone? What was the situation when the 3GS came out for 3G customers?
  • br04dyz
    another apple iSomat.....the real victims are the poor sods in foxconn who cant keep up as it many more deaths before Amnesty International step in a seek to end iPhones? Bono could do it "make iPhones History" - save the people of Foxconn.....woot!
  • Chris
    @ Harry... When the 3GS arrived, o2 wouldnt let 3G owners upgrade early. They would either need to: a) Pay the remainder of the contract and take out a new one for the 3GS or b) Wait until you are elligible to upgrade Will most likely be the same story here.
  • Nobby
    Dump playing stupid games and you might be able to get a full time job earning more than £10k / year.
  • Ben M.
    so two weeks friday? sweet. finally a phone that will hold all my music, thus meaning I can rinse off my iPod to some schlubb on eBay. I don't give two rats cocks what people think about iPhones. Every phone has different strengths, and if people are too sheep like to think for themselves, they deserve abuse. If this gets announced at 64gb, it cuts my pocket weight in half. If not, I'm getting a Dell streak.
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay
    @Chris: "cons. Hardware wise the phone is nothing special though has been built well and feels solid." Bullshit. In the past, I've given my handsets so much abuse. I've dropped them countless times while pissed, stood on them, thrown them about, soaked them in all sorts, and they've never let me down. Sony Ericssons, Nokias, HTC's. No problem. I even once in a rage, threw my SE W880i at a wall as hard as I could. I'm a pretty manly man and have a mean throw. The result? The battery popped out and a bit of paint came off a corner. Worked fine though. Anyway. Where am I going with this you might ask? Well, I dropped my iPhone once, while getting it out my pocket (brilliant slippery curved design there, Apple. Fucking mingecheeses). Screen smashed to smithereens, £130 to replace. A girl at work used hers while it was raining, and it stopped working, apparently 'water damaged'. £130 to repair. Well Built? Feels Solid? Dont.
  • Dave
    so it's been released, however display/etc is better it's currently looking a lot more fragile, being thinner with a glass front and back new resolution looking good though
  • mark
    try 11th june
  • Fnarr
    32Gb max... Samsung can't make the stuff quickly enough (or small enough)
  • speedski
    Posted by Rich | June 7th, 2010 at 4:38 pm Also speedski like you have a grand! Nokia boy!
  • speedski
    Whoops, pressed return too early, ref above, you wish. HTC Desire here, what's that I hear? The newly anounced phone still costs three times as much as I paid? Yup! and for what? Two piece of glass with double the way for Apple to make money on repairs...genius...
  • Mike H.
    IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay You're a manly man and have a manly throw, and you go and get pissed with your manly mates, but you still have paddies and throw your phone around like a little girl?

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