New iPhone software to launch in a week's time?

The techo-fact hunting chaps at Electric Pig have stumbled upon a Greek iPhone website, as you do, and discovered details of iPhone 2.2 software that is said to become available a week tomorrow, November 21st.

Nobody else is shouting about such an update, so take it with a quantum of sulphide for now, but presumably any such upgraded software would also apply to the iPod Touch (if you don't have one yet, have a look here for the bargain of the century).

Anything exciting? According to the Greeks, the update will include Google Street View, as well as public transport directions and the ability to turn auto-correction off while typing (praise the electro-lord).

There’ll also be a new look to Safari, with a Google search bar always visible, an improved App Store, and the ability to download podcasts without connecting to a computer, plus increased language support too.

The ability to cut-and-paste text? It isn't mentioned and Apple don't seem all that bothered about delivering it, despite the hordes of screaming masses demanding it. There are only eight days to wait, so we'll soon see if the website is talk out of its hat or whether somebody has the inside skinny from a source unknown to the rest of us.



  • SJT
    is this update going to cost us too?
  • sada
    but will there be copy & paste? ha
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  • KudosNetwork
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