New iPhone on 10th September...

Yes, it's happening, although it's not really that much of a surprise. Here's our invitation that we just received from Apple*...


(*copied and pasted off of the internet)


  • Spencer
    Oh no.... :( Again? Really?
  • Dick
    If you are reading this now, you are too late. The queues of wankers will be so long by now, you will miss out.
  • jokester
    £100 says that the new iPhone will be horribly outdated old technology compared to modern smartphones - i.e. Galaxy S4, Note 2, etc. I would mention Windows phones but they are so awful they actually make iPhones look half decent! And for all the Apple fans that disagree, think about it like this: Android - Lots of customisation, options, ways of doing things, no restrictions iPhone - Easy to use, nice designs and build but never the latest technology, very restrictive and very little customisation Windows - Difficult to use, massive pointless tiles, extremely difficult to setup/configure, but you can earn Xbox Achievements in games...
  • Impartial
    @jokester Got it in one "iPhone – Easy to use". I currently have an S3 and cannot wait to get back to IOS. The usability and experience of android is just a steaming pile of dog turd. Far too many options for the general consumer to care about and the only reason the general consumer buys the phone in the first place is because it is cheaper than the iphone. Im talking mass market here. Not geekboys.
  • jokester
    @Impartial I agree with you to a small degree - Android is much better suited to gadget fans and tech-savvy users. Apple is better suited for people who want something easy to use, don't care about paying a huge amount extra (for an equivalent device) and don't mind their device being restricted. Personally, I find the usability and experience of Android far better than iOS. Due to the iPhones simplicity, there is no way to sort apps, there is no 'app launcher' (imagine Windows 7 without the start menu and instead all the app shortcuts get dumped on the desktop in a big disorganized mess), it's practically impossible to send/receive files without using data allowance (or a PC) and Bluetooth handsfree kits generally don't work properly with iPhones (due to iPhones being disabled from sending contacts). Not to mention the vast majority of users can't upgrade the memory or change the battery. And while you may have bought an S3 because its cheaper than the iPhone, many people including myself buy Android devices because they want a more sophisticated advanced device with more functionality. Android is a much bigger seller than iOS these days and even Steve Jobs admitted Android will win in the end! To sum up, they both have pros and cons and it all depends whether you prefer simplicity or functionality.
  • Phil
    It'll be the launch of the cheap and nasty plastic iPhone!!
  • Sideysid
    @jokester I would consider myself 'tech-savvy', (formally being a graphic design/website designer for 10 years). I own both Android and iOS devices, I prefer iOS hands down. Whilst I'd agree that a tiny part may be due to having worked with macs since the Apple II days, I find I can do what want a whole lot quicker on iOS. I am not an average user (I use my iPhone for everything from reading ODB II fault codes on my car, to calibrating db levels on my home theatre amp). I find the ease of use of things like airplay a no brainer for me, without the need for pairing through bluetooth etc. In fact I find a lot of Android users think they are 'tech-savvy' when they in fact haven't got a clue and get their ideas and opinions from the likes of the gadget show. It's a bit like someone thinking they know about cars because they watch Top Gear, when actually everyone in the 'actual' motor industry, knows Jeremy Clarkson talks bollocks.
  • Sideysid
    Also I may add that functionality listed before can be achieved through jailbreaking, which I used to do with every iOS device. Now I can't really be arsed, partly to do with having to re-patch apps etc, but mostly because I don't need to.
  • impartial
    @Jokester I bought the s3 to try android as im a software dev so I wanted to try a range of os. You say equivalent device? I have to disagree. On the whole I would say you can physically get more android for your money. However for me, software and user experience is king.
  • Bogbrush
    You awful dunts
  • Phuck Y.
    Is Steve Jobs launching it?
  • Richard
    I think the issue is that a lot of people, myself included, who like iPhones, resent the fact that Android users tend to think of themselves as tech-savvy because they own an android. When the reason I own an iPhone isn't because I'm not smart enough to know what to do with an android it's just that iPhones are much nicer to use imo!
  • jack p.
    Hey! Where the fuck is Lucy?
  • Terry
    I dislike Apple products for both moral reasons, and because it's funny to wind people up. I do admit that apple devices look nice, but the OS is lacking in my opinion.

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