New iPhone next month?

10 August 2015

There could well be a new iPhone hitting the market within weeks, with rumours abounding that it'll hit the shelves on September 7th. Or 9th, depending on which rumours you've heard.

Will it be a new iPhone 7, or the (more likely) iPhone 6 S or Plus or whatever they call them? And will there be those ugly plastic bits on it?


It looks like the design will be the same as the newest iPhones that are currently on the market, but the innards will be given a makeover. It'll still have 16GB of storage, but will include new NFC technology and fewer chips. The NFC tech, for the uninitiated, means Apple are going hard on Apple Pay, so you can waft your phone at a device and pay for stuff.

There's also talk about something called 'Force Touch', which features on the latest Macbook and Apple Watch. Basically, this senses how hard you're tapping and touching your phone, so you can do different commands. It could be used like a 'right click', but for a touch screen.

Will the new phone have a better battery life? Well, you'd hope so wouldn't you?

Blabbermouths at Foxconn - they're the people who actually assemble iPhones - have been saying that the new iPhones will have 12MP rear cameras and support 4K video recording, which is nifty. Likewise, you can expect the new phone to have a better screen resolution, to match the improved image capturing tech.

Will it be cheaper? Don't be silly.


  • IP F.
    Erm........the new one will be the iphone 6 plus? You mean the iphone 6S? The tech reports I've been reading suggest a minimum of 32Gb.
  • Ginger B.
    What new iPhone around September/October time - really surprised with that. /s
  • Raggedy
    Oh no, not another month of bleating sheep droning on about how good their new iPhone is and how it only cost the national debt of a third world country... Surely, increasing the battery life of one of their other products would be much more worthwhile than yet another status symbol?

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