New emoji, now with added bacon

Whether you like it or not, emoji are here to stay, and as more and more people use them, more emoji will be unleashed onto the phones of the world. Even your elderly mum is using them, putting the 'crying laughing' face after messages about your dad farting in his sleep.

The newest emoji that are coming our way include bacon, and as anyone knows, bacon is internet gold.

Unicode 2016 batch has loads of new additions, including a murderous looking clown, a shark, crossed fingers, a bald eagle, a croissant, and loads more.

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These should be released some time over summer, so you're going to have to wait (or use words) until then, at which point, you'll be able to tweet some champagne flutes and a nauseated face, for when you've been living it up too keenly.

Here's the full run-down of emoji contenders for this year (sadly, there's no genitalia as yet): Pan Of Food, Dribbling Face, Tumbler, a Prawn, squid, Left-Facing Fist, Clown Face, Rolling On The Floor Laughing, Back Of Hand, Cowboy Hat Face, Lying Face, Nauseated Face, Cucumber, Black Heart, Mother Christmas, a Scooter, a Wilting Flower, Potato, Right-Facing Fist, Bacon, Avocado, Motor Scooter, Duck, and Handshake.

Oh, and there's loads, loads more: Shrug, Shark, Octagonal Sign, Fox Face, Carrot, Eagle, Man In Tuxedo, Croissant, Pregnant Lady, Face Palm, Owl, Dancing Man, Bat, Boxing Glove, Wrestlers, Handball, Salad, Juggling, Shopping Trolley, Spoon, Egg, Football Nets, Third Place Medal, Lizard, First Place Medal, Drum With Drumsticks, Sneezing Face, Someone Fencing, Flatbread, Water Polo, Second Place Medal, Glass of Milk, Deer, Butterfly, Canoe, Pancakes, Gorilla, Rhinoceros, and a rifle.

You want more? You got it: Modern Pentathlon, a Martial Arts Uniform, Baguette, Person Doing a Cartwheel, Peanuts, Prince, Selfie, Clinking Glasses, Call Me Hand, Hand With Index, and Middle Fingers Crossed.

So there you go. Well done if you read all that. That 'third placed medal' is going to be used almost entirely for shady purposes, we predict.

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